Dear Superstar – Damned Religion


Review by Jack Arkell

Manchester riff machines make their statement

For whatever reason, bands today seem to have lost sight of the basics of good rock music. Musical integrity has been demoted to the backseat in an industry where perfectly groomed ‘rockstars’ grace magazine covers.

At least there are still a few bands who carry the torch in 2012 though, and Dear Superstar are one of them. With latest release ‘Damned Religion’, the Mancunians deliver a consistent album of brilliantly executed tracks, placing them firmly on the list of bands to watch this year.

Having supported big-name acts such as Bullet For My Valentine and Papa Roach around the world, the band can’t have lacked inspiration in writing this LP, which becomes evident very early on. The snarling ‘Change Yesterday’ and breakneck ‘Last Rites’ maintain the pace set by the excellent title track, before later track ‘Tomorrow’ proves the band’s diversity, exploring a more melodic side.

Showing fearlessness and a confidence to lay themselves bare in such a fashion, this track provides one of the true highlights of the record. Within the space of one song, Dear Superstar are back to their fierce ways with ‘Glitter Just Like Gold’, serving up another massive chorus, something that certainly isn’t in short supply on ‘Damned Religion’.

Rounding things off with guitar solo laden ‘Crystallized’, the quintet finish with a flourish, and at ten tracks ensure that no filler makes the final cut. Make no mistake, ‘Damned Religion’ is worthy of your time, and may well be one of the best rock albums so far at this early stage of the year.