Dead Procession – Rituais e Mantras do Medo


The dark shadow behind black metal…

Review by Jason Guest

Labyrinth Productions (sub-label of Altare)

Release: 1 March 2016

Portugal’s Dead Procession don’t want you to hear this album. Nor any of their previous works. A series of three demo tapes have been released since 2009 – each limited to only 33 copies – and a split 7” with Black Cilice appeared in 2013 (here) so good luck tracking them down. And of course they are nowhere to be found online. So, shrouded in mystery, how apt that the dark ambient drone of Rituais e Mantras do Medo (“Rituals and Mantras of Fear”) reeks of the absence and the mysteries of death…

The atmosphere is ritualistic, majestic even, as if we are bearing witness to some underground ceremony, one into which we are being unknowingly lulled. While the droning keys slowly and subtly reshape each piece as the solemn vocals call in the near-distance, the grave thump of the drums urge us to yield to their every hypnotic, haunting and chilling command. The dark shadow behind black metal, Rituais e Mantras do Medo is well worth seeking out. But like I said, good luck finding the damned thing…

Dead Procession – Rituais e Mantras do Medo8 out of 10

Labyrinth Productions will present the album on cassette tape, with a special edition to be released in oversized box and slipcase.

Track listing (with rough translations):

  1. Mantra de Sombras (Mantra of Shadows)
  2. Percorrendo os Caminhos da Noite (Wandering through Night’s Paths)
  3. Osmose Espiritual (Spiritual Osmosis)
  4. No Labirinto (In the Labyrinth)
  5. No Fundo dos Lagos Negros (In the bottom of the Dark Lakes)

Take a listen to the track ‘Percorrendo os Caminhos da Noite’ here.