Dead Frequency – Desire For Fire EP


Review by Paul H Birch

Holier Than Thou Records

Perusing photos of a band barely old enough to get served at a bar while reading PR spiel about how the original version of Dead Frequency “had a decent run before things went sour,” leaves this jaded old git wondering which end of the school playground vocalist/guitarist Matti Fantasi had been hanging round before rebuilding his band. Whatever, he learnt his chops well; as have newer recruits Brady Deeprose (lead guitar), Sam Thorne (drums) and James Bourne (bass) who developed a “live stage show”, and more recently recorded Desire For Fire, their debut EP, just out on Holier Than Thou Records.

Opening with a short shrill of feedback followed by a trickling little guitar motif repeated between the tidy chugging chords that ensue, a crisp clean British voice tells us buoyantly:  “Your Love is like an uphill struggle, I climb it every day.” You want my honest opinion? ‘Your Love’ could be a tooled-up McFly misplaying Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids from America’. But it works, and well; right down to the bellowing “Whoa-whoa” backing vocals.

‘Deaths, Knives and Broken Lives’ has a long and melodramatic title so is suitably a punky-pop rock’n’rolly West Side Storey rollercoaster ride played with the gusto of early Supergrass; overall it offers a cleaner driving sound with lead guitar acting as musical punctuation, plus they throw in the briefest of solo jazzy bass lines. ‘Bit cocky these lads. ‘Never Gonna Fall in Love’ opts for a heavier razor-sharp guitar balance but is the most predictable of the tracks featured while not outstaying its welcome. The latter two clock-in at just over two and half minutes and ‘Your Love only a minute longer, so it’s an EP just like your grandma used to buy; short, pretty sweet, with some nice rocksmithing at work.

I suspect Dead Frequency to be a less honed act outside the studio, but Desire For Fire is a confident little taster to help you decide whether or not that’s true, more importantly it entertains in its own right.

Dead Frequency - Desire For Fire EP7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Your Love
  2. Deaths, Knives and Broken Lives
  3. Never Gonna Fall in Love

Upcoming Dead Frequency Shows:

  • 23 February: The Shed, Leicester – supporting Evil Scarecrow
  • 12 March: Athletic Club, Rushden – supporting Tragedy (an all-metal tribute to The Bee Gees)
  • 23-25 May: Glastonbudget Festival
  • 6 June: The Old Market Inn, Kettering – Headline Show


  1. Having seen Dead Frequency play last night, I’d say their live show is pretty well honed! Great energy and their original songs sounded so good. After a single listen,”Your Love” has stayed with me. They are so good, that I can’t believe they were playing in a village pub up the road from me! Check them out live.

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