David j Caron – Thru Ever-Ending Black


Review by Woody

When I see double albums I always think its great value for money for music buyers but from a reviewing perspective they can represent very daunting tasks especially if they are shite! Thankfully that’s not the case with Irishman David J Caron’s epic double album Thru Ever-Ending Black which turned out to be a very enjoyable collection of songs. It is also worth mentioning that fellow Irishman Rob Mancini, whom some may know from his well received AOR album Rock N Roll Circus that was released a few months back, Co produced and engineered this album. David is a one man army and composes and plays every instrument you’ll hear on this album which he recorded in County Donegal in Ireland.

What we have here is a very unique style and sound, it’s very hard to label or even indeed compare Caron to other musicians. This is of course not a bad thing as it gives me something fresh to wrap my ears around. It is essentially a Melodic Rock album, but it mixes in a lot of progressive rock traits which gives many songs a multi layered epic feel to them. David also has a keen ear for hooks and this is probably noted most in his use of keyboards and even giving some songs an electronic edge, that gives them a commercial touch.

As a multi instrumentalist he seems quite adept at everything, his keyboard work is essential in creating his own sound. He does show of his guitar skills in some of his solo’s, but he never over indulges in guitar histrionics, it’s always about what brings out the best in a song whether it be a driving rhythm or a crunching riff. The ease at which he mixes Melodic Rock, Prog and electronic styles really does highlight what a great composer he is, but I’m not sure if Prog or Melodic rock purists will welcome the album with open arms like me, which is a shame.

His imaginative lyrical style also gives him another edge and of course in many ways pushes many of his song arrangements into progressive territory. That said he does know how to write an instant and catchy melody driven song too.

Of the Rockier tracks on offer the epic and powerful ‘One By One’ as well as ‘Look Out’, ‘I Am Your Shadow’, ‘Comin To Get You’, ‘Too Much Little Time’ and ‘Irreplaceable’ stand out. My favourite song is actually one of the songs with a prog edge ‘Feels of Fire’ which along with ‘Frozen Ice’ and ‘So Let There Be Light’ showcase Caron’s more progressive leanings. The obvious radio friendly nature of ‘Unbreakable’, ‘Who Are You’, ‘Escapin’ Back’, ‘The One’ and ‘This Is Now’ highlight Caron’s keen sense of melody and hooks.

This is an album full of big melodic rock choruses and every song revolves around intense melodies, hook filled keys and driving rhythms. I found the album to be quite a unique journey into Caron’s song writing, which for me is something I’ve not really heard before. I think given the length and prog edge to the album a lazy writer may refer to Thru The Ever Ending Black as been album that is a grower and will take a few spins to appreciate and that simply isn’t true or at least only in part. That is because there is plenty that will jump out at you on first spin and not just the more openly commercial tracks but what is true is that repeated plays will allow you to explore and discover other songs and enjoy sections of established favourites. If you love your melodic rock but are looking for something a little different look no further give this one a spin and enjoy!

Rated 8 out of 10