Dave Migden & the Dirty Words – Killing It

Review by Rob Stanley

Recently a little gem landed through the letterbox and that gem is “David Migden and the Dirty Words” second album “Killing it”.

I’ve got to be honest, having not heard the band before the first listen left me feeling a little confused, not because it’s a bad album, far from it, but because I was subconsciously trying to pigeon hole the band into a specific genre and it took me a while to realise that you just can’t do that with a band that is so diverse in styles. It would be like comparing the Cullinan Diamond with your mother’s old Luminarc glass collection she bought from Woolworths back in ‘73. It just can’t be done.

Although blues based in structure we veer off in several different directions during this 45min epic. Right from the first track ‘Killing It’ with its infectious blues, rock RHCP-feel it gets the feet tapping. Then its straight into the second track ‘Blues’ with its raunchy dirty guitar hook which then switches within a few notes into a funky Americana blues rhythm trailing off with a little techno jazz all tied nicely together with some great bluesy vocals from ‘Migden’. It shouldn’t work but in truth it not only works, it works very well indeed.

Whilst Migden’s vocals are superb throughout, songs like ‘Old Joe’, ‘Rev Jack Crow’ and my personal favourite ‘Heaven’ really demonstrates just how good his vocals are and his ability to paint pictures in your head by simple tonal delivery alone is second to none – the later track making the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention. I do not think I have ever used the word ‘beautiful’ to describe a track before but ‘Heaven’ certainly is a beautiful song.

After listening to this album quite a lot recently it’s fair to say that there is not a single bad song and that Dave Migden & the Dirty Words are not scared of being different. They have managed to successfully blend blues, funk, soul, rock with a little bit of country and come up with an original unique sound they can definitely call their own.

I for one will be keeping a very close eye on the band over the coming year and look forward to catching them live at some point in the not too distant future.

Much thanks to Clare at Outlaw PR for introducing Dave Migden and the Dirty Words into my life. I am forever in your debt!

9 out of 10

dave migden and the dirty wordsTrack listing:

  1. Killing It
  2. Blues
  3. Old Joe
  4. Shel
  5. D.A.W.T.P.W.M?
  6. Rev Jack Crow
  7. Heaven
  8. Admiral
  9. Desert Inside
  10. I Can’t See Her Face
  11. The Line