Dark Sky Park – Follow Me



Review by Martin Stanyer

Release date: 8th January 2016

Dark Sky Park are Yorkshire alternative rockers who are releasing the EP Follow Me.  A Rock n roll start to the E.P is the title track ‘Follow Me’ which has a very cool glam 70s rock riff, Debbie Bilson’s vocals soar through with some fantastic backing vocals setting the chorus alight.  An infectious guitar solo by Ainsley Stones doesn’t overshadow the song but compliments it in a rather tasteful way that most would have shredded unnecessarily over.  A great opener.

‘Lonely Girl’, bluesy sexy and haunting all in one, this track is special, If I had to pick a track that would set the tone of this band ‘Lonely Girl’ would be my choice and some very subtle drumming by Hannah Jasper.  Nice crunchy guitar riffs and superb solos make this the standout number.

‘Stand My Ground’ a faster paced rocker which starts off great but loses its way on the chorus, saying this I can imagine the chorus being more punchy and raw live, the solo is lush and does showcase that recorded right this track could be incredible.

‘Marty Feldman’s Eyes’ starts off again with great guitar, harmonized solo and then goes for the kill.  A somewhat more sultry sound on the vocals really draws you in.  Catchy, infectious and a little poppy (there’s nothing bad about this it shows good song writing hooks) this song sits nicely on the E.P and is worthy of a few spins, Bass by Aidan Hall sits nice between guitar and drums, and the backing vocals work well yet again.

Closing track ‘Suicide FM’ is a great bluesy rocker “same old song same old street since I don’t know when”.  Lyrically my favourite, it’s dirty, it’s beautiful and it rocks.  There’s a lot of thought gone into this song, it conjures up an old school rock n roll vibe that doesn’t crop up to often in today’s industry.

Kudos to Dark Sky Park for creating a consistent and good E.P.  Great song-writing with great potential.  There are some good hooks and the potential that the songs will improve, it’s too easy to compare bands to other bands, Dark Sky Park are an original act that are bringing back good bluesy rock music with a great female vocalist.

8 out of 10Dark Sky Park Cover Artwork


Track Listing:

  1. Follow Me
  2. Lonely Girl
  3. Stand My Ground
  4. Marty Feldman’s Eyes
  5. Suicide FM