Dark Sermon – In Tongues


Review by Brady Deeprose

Nuclear Blast

When one thinks of Tampa, Florida, they may think of golden beaches and scantily clad women as opposed to relentless, aggressive death metal. Dark Sermon offer a taste of the less popular side of Florida with In Tongues. From the blunt force of Behemoth and the technical precision of The Black Dahlia Murder, the band bring together the aspects that have shaped the modern sound and have attempted to put a bit of their own sound into it too, with mixed success.

There are moments when Dark Sermon shine with the brilliance and spark that the greats of their genre first inspired but these are short-lived at best. What’s frustrating is that the tracks themselves are good, it’s just that I feel I’ve heard them all before. Songs like ‘Imperfect Contrition’ just scream Ritual-era TBDM and ‘The Scales Of Justice’ feels like a poorly constructed As I Lay Dying track. Title effort ‘In Tongues’ shows the most promise, a modern death metal extravaganza that hits exactly where it needs to.

To avoid confusion, In Tongues is a great listen but just draws too heavily from its influences for my liking. As a debut record, it’s a decent listen and points towards some great things from the future, hopefully we’ll see a follow up that builds on the albums strong points.

Dark Sermon - In Tongues6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. The Shepherd’s Staff
  2. Imperfect Condition
  3. Hounds
  4. The Scales Of Justice
  5. Cursed
  6. Forfeit I: The Crooked Quill
  7. Forfeit II: Worn Thin
  8. The Tree Of New Life
  9. Carcass
  10. Testament
  11. In Tongues