Dark New Day – New Tradition


Review by Tosh Davies

On one of my frequent trips Stateside a few years back, I remember this song was being played repeatedly on the radio over there but never managed to catch who it was by. With growing frustration as to who the hell was playing this song and thankfully falling short of bounding into the record store and actually singing it to the cashier, I found out it was ‘Brother’ by this new band ‘Dark New Day’.

This was back in 2005, Dark New Day have since been on hiatus with various other commitments from band members Clint Lowery (Sevendust) & Will Hunt (BLS, Evanescence) but have returned for another visit to bother US rock radio.

Their first album ‘Twelve Year Silence’ was nothing groundbreaking. However, it did have a few catchy numbers that sat well in the memory banks, ensuring they got the foot tapping and head nodding. ’New Tradition’ on the other hand sadly falls short of the mark, it sounds rushed and sadly somewhat behind the times.

Rock music has moved on since 2005 at an expediential rate, while Clint Lowery’s guitar playing cannot be questioned there are no memorable tracks to get your teeth into. With a revolving door of band members plus the fact most of these tracks were originally recorded in 2006/07 it comes as no surprise to find it sounds non- inspiring and labored. ‘Fist From The Sky’ & ‘Straightjacket’ follow the nu-metal by numbers formula to the letter; it’s not bad but could be so much better, however, the title track does have a killer riff flowing through it to its credit.

While not breaking any new ground this album still contains enough to keep you curious. It’s a shame, as the pedigree of the members is without question, I’m sure if work priorities were changed Dark New Day could be huge.

My advice would be to wait until it falls into the overflowing bargain bin. Nu-metal has moved on, sadly Dark New Day’s attempts to start a ‘New Tradition’ have failed.


Track Listing:
1. Fist From The Sky
2. Come Alive
3. I Don’t Need You
4. New Tradition
5. Tremendous
6. Sorry
7. Straightjacket
8. Take It From Me
9. Caught In The Light
10. Sunday
11. Fiend
12. Breakdown
13. Burns Your Eye