The third in a series of EP’s (an unholy trinity, if you will) Haunt contains four tracks of the very best metalcore/post-hardcore made by the Birmingham collective known as CREATURE. Just like their name, they deliver a sound that screams in caps-rage and it’s a sound that should find them storming into the consciousness of all those who love heavy music.

As befits an EP that clocks in at barely eleven-and-a-half minutes CREATURE waste little time on fancy introductions or other such niceties, just a brief mission statement shouted by vocalist James Thompson followed by a barrage of power chords. Encasing the listener within walls of sonics opening salvo ‘All’ (and indeed, the whole EP) takes the most direct line to what the f*ck it’s all about. Certainly not for the faint hearted, ‘All’ lands a succession of body blows that leave you feeling battered and bruised. However, it would be wrong to label CREATURE a bounder; the band are wise enough to mix up tempos, while the sonic shifts are often startling and demand your full attention.

Sculpting sound to great effect CREATURE are a three-piece band who sound far bigger than their constituent parts and they remain a difficult band to pigeonhole. They have the swing and punch of Black Sabbath, the ferocity of Discharge, the choppy rhythms of Converge while simultaneously capturing the urban desolation of early Godflesh. While you can certainly hear these influences seeping from CREATURE, the band’s greatest asset is that they sound like no one but themselves. As soon as the drum roll that heralds the arrival of ‘Grey Ghosts’ kicks in you know immediately that it’s CREATURE tearing up the studio.

With guitars ringing like warning sirens and the bass bouncing from speaker to speaker ‘Creeping’ pushes all the needles into the red (I’m afraid my tweeters may pop) while the drums lead your ears on a merry dance. The vocals are an integral part of CREATURE’s sound, almost a fourth instrument, and add another texture to an already multilayered EP and they veer wildly between the clean and guttural and is another tool the band employ to constantly reposition the listener. Like being locked in a room with the most depraved serial killer ‘Lines’ is a relentless closer that offers little in the way of redemption; just pounding rhythms to beat you into submission.

Haunt makes the perfect companion piece to CREATURE’s previous two EP’s, Hex and Hound (both unleased in 2019). If Haunt leaves you hungry for more (and it will) then create a playlist with both Hex and Hound to create an alternative album.

Track List:

  1. All
  2. Grey Ghosts
  3. Creeping
  4. Lines