Crashed Out – Crash & Burn


Review by Robert Baker

Dubbed melodic punk rock, Crashed Out sound like AC/DC on Newcy Brown, solid four beat riffs and tight rock rhythm backing to the gravel-gargling vocals delivered in a traditional rock style – Back In T’Black, if you will. So when I first started listening to ‘Cut My Teeth On You’, the opening track from the bands 2010 release Crash & Burn, I was surprised to hear a slow release intro handled with expert timing that built to a metal-esque run down to the first verse. Feeling much like the Priest’s ‘Breaking The Law’ here and there, it’s a memorable way to kick the dust out the ears as a first song.

‘No Fear’ carries the punk flag with its defiant chant and million-mile-an-hour pace, ‘Battle Scared’ and ‘Break It Down’ similarly frenzied and fast-paced with their tales of a soldiers return from war and inspiring anthem of uprising respectively. The imagery in the lyrics are rich, and when delivered by the brogue of frontman Chris Wright they add an extra layer of gravitas and honesty recognisable to any fan of past punk bands like Sham 69. American punk gets a nod with ‘Save Amy’ and its Green Day-esque feel, before ‘Son Of A Gun’ brings the chest hair out with angry palm muting and almost shouted vocals and a swear word in the chorus and everything!

Showing breadth to their songs things are bought down a notch on the mood-oemeter with ‘Just Call Me Jack’, a technical and very metal sound befitting the grim lyrics and dark theme of the Ripper from inside the killer’s own mind. The vocals don’t really work as well as the music behind them, however, needing something more sinister or Mortis-like to really bring everything up and out, and whilst not the worst thing in the world, is a bit lacking nonetheless.

I think the most ‘punk’ song on the album comes in the form of the track ‘Cushy Butterfield’. Delivered in the fine old style of pub sing-a-long and sea-side picture postcard style of British humour throughout, it even has that bit that gets your gran lifting her skirt up at the join-in bit come the chorus after a couple of sherries.

Rounding out the albums thirteen tracks is a familiar title. Expecting a cover of that Chesney classic ‘The One & Only’ is a wholly original piece, though is admittedly more Pop than the other tracks on the album. If it was Good Charlotte instead of hairy Northerners I probably wouldn’t have been quite so surprised by its chart friendly teen-punk sound, but fair do’s, it works well.

Overall, a solid punk album capable of replacing some of the teeth the genre has lost with enough nods to in the direction of metal to show expertise and create more interest, but enough presence of mind to not over-burden the ear of its audience.

Crashed Out - Crash & Burn7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Cut My Teeth On You
  2. No Fear
  3. Battle Scarred
  4. Break It Down
  5. Save Amy
  6. Son of a Gun
  7. Just Call Me Jack
  8. Still A Fighter
  9. Feel Good
  10. Cushy Butterfield
  11. The Town That Died
  12. Dare To Be Different
  13. The One & Only