Countdown to Bloodstock – Interview with Ireosis


Bags packed for Bloodstock? Just time for a final band Q&A… This time Emily Castles catches up with Leeds outfit Ireosis – set to perform on the New Blood Stage at 12 noon on Friday.

Q: How does it feel to have bagged a spot on Bloodstock’s New Blood stage? Talk us through the process!
A: We actually submitted our music through the submission route
. We thought we had some good tracks and worth a punt….it paid off! Metaaaaal! 

Q: You’ve recently welcomed a new guitarist into the band – Jimmy Macgregor (also of Pteroglyph). How is hesettling in?
A: Well, let
‘s have ol’red furs answer this one… “The Constant berating and Inappropriate touching from band members makes for an often aggressive yet tender work environment.  I feel like I’m doing exactly as anyone expected – Okay-ish! but I am having a great time! All I have to do is play riffs and be loud!” we think he’s a keeper. 

Q: You’ve been hinting that you’re up to something in the studio. What can you tell us?
A: We have four new crushing tracks for you all soon
. Classic age and other hurdles have held it back a bit but they’re coming soon and they will destroy. We’ll be playing two of them live, ‘Into Hell’ and ‘Astronaut’.  

Q: Have you been pleased with how fans have responded to the singles you’ve released so far?
A: Yes, it
‘s popping up everywhere and we can tell it’s liked as we’ve had loads of engagement and new Ike’s from all over. Well chuffed we are! 

Q: You’ve just played a warm up gig in Rotherham, alongside Kallos and Electric Priestess. How did that go?
A: Absolutely awesome
, plenty of people, great crowd interactions and some really great comments after the show. Having two great support bands to warm up the crowd was a bonus too! 

Q: Have you got any other gigs planned for this year?
A: We got a few special things planned but no spoilers
. We’re having a great time doing this and will play live when we know we’ve got the goods and the feelings right….but things are coming…..oh yes…….join us! 

Q: Were you already fans of Bloodstock – have you been before?
A: Loads of times, set of veterans here. We both played with Leadrobot
and Pteroglyph so it’s a home from home. Everyone knows how amazing that festival is and they are right, it’s the best!  

Q: What can fans expect who may be seeing you for the very first time?
A: Massive riffs, big big sound, banter, some cheeky stunts and hopefully our fan
base turns up as astronauts…..or as we call them Ireonauts! It’s going to be a blast and a right time, it’s a show and a performance, come get some and get moist with us!

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