Road to Bloodstock 2019 – Interview with Pemphigoid


Nottingham’s Metal 2 The Masses showcase final as usual threw up an array of talent this year. Pemphigoid did enough to impress the judges and have now been invited to perform on the Jägermeister Stage at Bloodstock in August. Paul Castles got their reaction.

MR: Many congratulations on being invited to perform at Bloodstock following the Metal 2 the Masses final in Nottingham?
Thank you, it’s not quite sunk in yet.

MR: How did you feel you performed on the night at The Maze?
Beforehand nervous, excited, a crazy mix of emotions, we were prepared but you never know. As soon as we hit the stage it’s just fun.

MR: You were actually first on stage; did you see that as a plus or a minus?
We just do what we do where ever we are on the bill. We’ve only been going a couple of years so we are used to opening. We had a lot of support there who turned out early so that helped. A big thanks has to go to them!

MR: Had you been hopeful or confident going into the final?
Well we got knocked out in the first round and went through as a wild card so I guess the answers no. But like I said before we just played the best we could and left it in the hands of the judges.

MR: What did you think of the overall standard on the night?
It was incredible. Every band bought their A game. I wouldn’t want to have judged!

MR: What do you think of the whole M2TM structure and the way it offers young and new bands the chance to qualify through heats to eventually play at Bloodstock?
I think it’s an incredible platform. Where else can you get that kind of exposure? If nothing else the contacts and friends you make along the way is worth it. The camaraderie between bands is amazing. A big thanks has to go to the organisers, sound engineers, judges, and venues for putting so much effort into it and of course to the people come and support the bands. It’s a shame that it was the last one that will be held at The Maze it’s a great venue.

MR: Is Bloodstock a festival you know well – Have you been as fans?
Yeah Ash and I have been going for years, it makes the fact we get to play it all the sweeter! I’d already got my ticket for this year! It’s Rich’s first time, what a way to lose your cherry.

MR: Have you any gigs in the pipeline before Bloodstock?
We are mostly concentrating on getting some new material written.

MR: Do you see Bloodstock as a platform to take Pemphigoid up the ladder a notch or two?
Hopefully, it gives you confidence that you’re heading in the right direction

MR: Have you had a look at the Bloodstock line-up, anyone in particular you’ll be hoping to catch?
There are so many good bands on. We are all big Max Cavalera fans so Soulfly, Death Angel, Anthrax, Aborted……The good thing about festivals is getting to check out bands you’d never normally see we’ll be checking out the new blood stage and look forward to catching up with our friends in Blasphemer and Witch Tripper.

MR: What can fans expect who may be seeing you at Bloodstock for the very first time?
Flesh rotting death metal.

MR: I believe you’re currently working on your second album – How are things going?
We’ve got tons of riffs and ideas it’s just a case of putting them together. We’ve got a few songs that aren’t far off and one (Merchants of Despair) that’s been in the set for a while.

MR: You’re at Scruffys in Birmingham later on 15 November alongside Sodomized Cadavar, Absolution and Violated Flesh. Looks a mean line-up!
Yeah, that’s a beast! Really looking forward to that. We’ve got the Summer Slam all-dayer with Ingested, Blasphemer and Foetal Juice in Huddersfield too, that’s a great line up as well as supporting Krysthla in Nottingham. We’re supporting Carnation later in the year as well as playing Macmillan Fest and Manchester Death Feast, as well as some other stuff in the pipeline, it’s pretty exciting!