Corrupt Moral Altar – Eunoia



Released on 9 March 2018 and reviewed by Stefan P

Corrupt Moral Altar formed in 2012 in the seaside town of Southport UK featuring members of Narcosis, Napalm Death and Venomous Concept. This line up alone will make anyone quiver with excitement at the thought of what Corrupt Moral Altar are capable of delivering. Having released it digitally surprisingly as “Pay what you want” towards the end of 2017, due to an overwhelming response Eunoia now has a physical release. 2014’s Mechanical Tides remains an accomplished album and so this has a lot to live up to.

The album features 13 songs which, with the exception of closing track ‘Five years’, last not much more than 2 minutes. The opening track ‘Human Cry’ lashes out with a raucous assault of crushing drums and throbbing guitar riffs which are underpinned by poignant lyrics. ‘Engineering Consent’ thrusts forward like machine gun fire, the intensity of this song showing no mercy. Standout track ‘Survivors guilt’ is intoxicating, energized and vicious, as is the relentless, tortured and intense ‘The All Consuming Self’.

Corrupt Moral Altar excel at being abrasive and harsh whilst having the ability to hold onto memorable and almost volcanic song structures. Mechanical Tides set a very high standard as their first album and Eunoia proves that Corrupt Moral Altar are consistent in their musical approach and abilities. They have created something that is sure to be a game changer for the band and open them up to a wider fanbase. If I had heard this in 2017 it would have been in my top ten albums of the year. If you want grind, punk, death metal chucked into the mix then this is for you.

Corrupt Moral Altar – EunoiaTrack list:

  1. Human Cry
  2. Engineering Consent
  3. Crime And Disease
  4. Night Chant
  5. Survivor’s Guilt
  6. Born In The Caul
  7. Burning Bridges And Burning Homes
  8. The All Consuming Self
  9. Rat King
  10. Destroying Everything You Believe In
  11. Body Horror
  12. On Judith’s Birthday
  13. Five Years