Colossus – Wake


Review by Jason Guest

Independent release

Wake, the debut album from Sweden’s aptly named Colossus, is set to make a few heads turn. With a bunch of heavier-than-stone riffs caked in the dirt and muck of sludge and post metal at its densest, this is an impressive album. Think the might of Mastodon infused with the rhythmic and hypnotic esotery of Tool and the progressive aspects of Opeth and you’ll be somewhere close. But Colossus is no mere collection of copyists intent on replicating the best bits from their influences and attempt to disguise plagiarism as originality. Nope, these guys have distilled that enigmatic essence and transformed it into something that is their own.

From opening track ‘Stir of Slumber’ through ‘Traitor’s Gate’, Reflections Of The Arcane’ and Ruinbuilder’, Colossus keep pulling out surprise after surprise, taking the album further from what you’d expect of such an album. Musically and lyrically, Colossus know how to sustain a song’s dynamic structure and balance each with an eye to elevating the experience of each track and the whole album. While some of the tracks may be a little too long, closing epic ‘Fungal Gardens’, at eleven minutes, is evidence enough that they know how to craft long compositions that bear all the might of their shorter pieces.

The band’s strengths lie in their combination of sludge-heavy grooves, progressive riffs and atmospherically charged passages. With Thomas Norstedt pounding out repetitive, hypnotic rhythms, guitarist Niklas Eriksson and bassist Peter Berg are able to provide a richly textured soundscape that spans a broad vista, taking in all from the murky and the fog-drenched to the parched desert and scorched wastelands. Though Entombed’s own LG Petrov makes an appearance on ‘Pillars of Eternity’ as does Morgan Ågren (drummer on Devin Townsend Project’s forthcoming Casualties of Cool) on ‘Kingdoms’, this album needs no guest stars to give it any credibility whatsoever; this album is strong enough without such endorsements. Wake is one of those incredible albums that is immediately accessible, immediately catchy, and immediately unforgettable. A band to watch, closely.

Colossus – Wake7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. A Stir Of Slumber
  2. Traitor’s Gate
  3. Reflections Of The Arcane
  4. Ruinbuilder
  5. Pillars Of Perennity
  6. Suncarrier
  7. Kingdoms
  8. Cloudhead
  9. Fungal Gardens