Coal Chamber + Dope + Soil + The Defiled @ Nottingham Rock City – Saturday 23rd May 2015


Review by Lulu Davenport

Having altered the line up of bands featuring on the nights proceedings slightly, The Defiled are added to this full to bursting line up replacing of American Head Charge. The band seemed vaguely familiar; stepping back into November 2014 and The Defiled had topped the bill of Avatar and Killus at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms at which I was present too. In comparison the band seem more at ease with the crowd, with keyboardist Avd entertaining as he spun about using his electronic appliance as some sort of digital kite. Their seven track set list is pulled mostly from the 2013 album Daggers with the addition of highly infectious new track ‘Running In Circles’.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Stitch D interacts a lot with the crowd, forcibly encouraging pits to open which is immediately obeyed with maximum effort. He then dedicates ‘No Place Like Home’ to the city of Nottingham. Sandwiched between Dope and SOil seems to be fitting for The Defiled as their fusion of nu metal proves to be crowd stimulation material.

Chants of SOil, resound and echo through the venue, and the band waste no time and dive straight into  ‘Breaking Me Down’, immediately demonstrating their superiority. This really is how metal should be executed; enhanced with years of experience, a dedication to precision and a six album back catologue. Ryan McCombs lubricates his gravelly vocal with a sneaky gulp of beer before firing up ‘Loaded Gun’ ,’Redefine’ and ‘Pride’. Its been a matter of months since SOil last hit Rock City (Nov 2014), and the crowd receives them as if they had been apart for decades. There’s even a sense of overwhelming respect as mosh circles disappear for the chance to just watch them play.

Coal-Chamber-2015McCombs thanks the crowd for their presence and introduces new track ‘The Hate Song’ followed by rallying the masses to make some noise for Coal Chamber. Storming straight into massive anthemic track ‘Halo’ during which  he disappears into the crowd. Surely as all thoughts turn to if the band can top that, they bust out Ram Jam’s classic ‘Black Betty’.

Rapid applause welcome Coal Chamber for a rare visit, (once in a decade and a half no less!). With new material surfacing that almost equally matches their absence, the opening track is surprisingly the song that made the world stand and take notice, namely, ‘Loco’. Released way back in 1997, the nostalgia button is kicked in full throttle, resulting in the most amount of crowd surfers I have ever seen at this venue. It’s clearly intended as Dez Fafara grins maniacally at the effect his band of merry metallers have on the audience. The band exude so much energy with Mike Cox battling the drum skins within an inch of his life, and Nadja Peulen managing to belt out the bass, mosh out while spinning, and still look effortlessly sexy. It’s only guitarist Miguel Rascon who seems wooden and at times uninterested.

There’s no time to catch a breath as ‘Big Truck’ is keeping up the momentum, followed by newbie ‘I.O.U Nothing’ from album Rivals. There’s a visit to the Dark Days album with tracks, ‘Fiend’, ‘Rowboat’, ‘Something Told Me’ and ‘Drove’. There’s an equipment failure during ‘No Home’ with the guitar amp appearing to have gone on temporary strike. Recovery is swift to the relief of the band. Lyrics ‘This is the way its got to be’ signifies ‘Oddity’ with the evening drawing to a close amid chants of the roof is on fire which  brings about ‘Sway’ to end the night.

1. Loco
2. Big truck
3. I.O.U Nothing
4. Fiend
5. Rowboat
6. Something Told Me
7. Clock
8. Drove
9. Not Living
10. I
11. Rivals
12. No Home
13. Oddity
14. Sway