Chronicles of Eternal Darkness – August 2013 – round up of extreme metal news


nileWelcome to the latest Chronicles of Eternal Death column where we bring you news of everything happening in the world of extreme metal. If you don’t enjoy some of this lot you must be eating the wrong breakfast cereal.

By Paul Castles


We’ll launch into this month’s column with the awesome news that the mighty Nile are heading back to the Midlands for Part II of their Euro ‘At the Gate of Sethu’ tour. They play the Rock Zombie in Dudley on September 14 and as if that’s not enough to light your fire support comes from Canada’s Ex Deo and the stunning Svart Crown from France. Not a night to be missed!


Exhumed have a new album out on Relapse Records called Necrocracy. Here’s a video of opening number ‘Coins Upon The Eyes’ which not only gives you a glimpse of what to expect but also could assist any GCSE students with their history studies!.


Eastern Front are kicking off their mini UK tour with a gig at The Flapper in Birmingham on November 21. The hardcore crew said: “This will be our first tour armed with the new line-up and we will mainly be playing new songs so come and check them out to get a taste of what our next album will be like.” Support comes from Ethereal + Primitive Graven Image.”


The new Butcher Babies album Goliath has just been released by Relapse Records. Apparently they sent the mercury soaring right through the thermometer at the recent Mayhem Festival with the temperature topping 100-degrees in San Bernardino. Goliath, produced by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Hatebreed) is being streamed here.


Erimha have their new album Reign Through Immortality out via Victory Records. The Canadian’s debut is a sweeping symphonic blackened beast and to mark the occasion they’ve recorded a video of ‘Verdict of the Soul’ in which there’s more flames than on a Suburban Sunday when the dads are burning the sausages on the barbecue. Impressive corpsepaint too! Check these Montreal monsters out!


The mention of Victory Records leads us nicely into death metal favourites Jungle Rot. Check out this video of ‘Utter Chaos’ from their new Terror Regime album. It was filmed on and off stage at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago.  Three minutes of mayhem.


Anyone heading to Bloodstock this month will not want to miss out on the mighty Kataklysm. Forthcoming album on Nuclear Blast Waiting For The End To Come features cover artwork by not one but two acclaimed artists; Eliran Kantor (Testament, Hatebreed) and Peter Sallai (Sabaton)


Sticking with Canadians, Fumigation have a first full-length album titled Integrated Pest Management out this month on CDN Records. Here’s a teaser from the Ottowa death metal crew.

Forgotten Tomb release the live in-studio album “Vol. 5” for the first time on vinyl this month on Agonia Records. Originally released in 2010 on CD only, the album contains tracks from by the Italians between 1999-2009 period of the blackened doom metal band.

Seriously hardcore quartet Ensnared unleash their self-titled debut mini-album next month via Nuclear Winter. The fiery Swedes promise “blackthrashing insanity of ’80s South America into a robust, gnarly soundfield that remains both fresh and timeless.”

Fancy a mouthful of Mörbid Vomit? The Finnish death metal band have posted a video of the track ‘Engulfed By The Plague’ from their demo I Breathe Hell.

Deprecated have signed up to Unique Leader Records.  With members previously involved with such giants as Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, and Disgorge, Deprecated’s metal CV would be the envy of a lot of bands. A remastered and remixed Deriding His Creation is due out on October 1st but here’s a look at the band in action from 1999 in case you dare question their credentials!


If you are in the mood for something slightly off the radar check out German lunatics We Butter The Bread With Butter. Teutonic metal has a habit of throwing up the occasional hand grenade such as Die Apokalytchien reiter. We Butter The Bread We Butter come into that category but the new video for ‘Alles Was Ich Will’ is well worth a look. New album Goldkinder  is out by the deathcore Germans in two weeks.

The mighty Carcass are hitting the road with Amon Amarth later in the year, taking in Birmingham Academy on November 12th. They are also headlining the Damnation Festival in Leeds in November. Their sixth full-length album Surgical Steel is out through Nuclear Blast in September. The boys have made a video trailer to get your juices flowing.

Female fronted doom quartet Hela are streaming all six tracks off their excellent new release Broken Cross. The atmospheric band is made up of former members of The Sand Collector and Nahrayan. Tune in for a slab of superb Spanish sludge.


Staying with doom but a little closer to home, Shropshire stoner outfit Gringo have signed to Birmingham heavyweights Catacomb Records. Their debut album The Cold Burn is out soon and features guest vocals from Soph of Brummie doomsters Alunah.


Flamboyant French death metal favourites Necrowretch release Bestial Rites 2009-2012 in October in North America as a digital download with CD imports available at CM Distro. This is a compilation of the band’s sold-out demos and EPs that includes all of the tracks from the “Putrefactive Infestation” MLP, the “Now You’re In Hell” 7″, the “Necrollections” demo, and the “Rising From Purulence” demo – in addition to a previously unreleased cover version of Merciless’ classic “Pure Hate.” Check out the gallic grinders performing the title track of ‘Putrid Death Sorcery’.

Kiwi kings Ulcerate release their fourth album Vermis via Relapse next month. Get a taste of what the New Zealand tech tyrants have been working on with this clip from the recording studio in Auckland.

Toronto torchbearers Blood Ceremony have released a new music video for ‘Goodbye Gemini’ from the band’s acclaimed third album The Eldritch Dark on Rise Above Records. The Canadians recent North American tour was a big success and here’s a chance to see why.

I’ll leave you this month with some news on old favourites Soulfly. Max and the gang are working on their ninth studio album Savages with Max’s 20-year-old son Zyon on drums. The Brazilian behemoths are making a video blog in the studio and here’s the latest update on how things are coming together for all members of the Soulfly tribe.