Chronicles of Eternal Darkness – a round-up of the heavy stuff – July 2013


By Paul Castles


My second Chronicles of Eternal Darkness column opens with news of a new mind-numbing slab of destruction on the table from death metal legends Autopsy. The San Francisco giants have just released The Headless Ritual on Peaceville Records and you won’t be surprised to learn that this beast is another gorefeast of pulverizing brutality. I’ll be reviewing the album soon but here’s a trailer to keep the blood flowing until then.



Elsewhere, Italian hotheads Hateful have just released their second album Epilogue of Masquerade on The Spew Records. If the Modena monsters have yet to register on your death metal rader then check out “Corrupting the Veil that Keeps the Mind Sane” from the new album.


Swedish death metal deviants Deranged are back with a new line-up and a new EP called Morgue Orgy – presumably in tribute to the Brummie death core crew of the same name! The five-tracker features four new numbers plus a cover of System Of A Down’s ‘Milk’. The EP from the band – sometimes referred to as Sweden’s Suffocation –  is unleashed on Sevared Records who have supplied a stream.


The new album from Waco Jesus is another to roll off the Sevared production line. The warped brutal death metal masters dish out more scum grind terrorism with their fifth full length release Mayhem Doctrine. Check out one of the new tracks ‘Going Viral’.


Flies Will Starve is the third full length album from the mighty Mumakil. The Swiss demolition kings have managed to squeeze a punishing 24 tracks onto this unruly beast of an album. It’s out via Relapse Records and here’s a quick burst of Mumakil madness.

Boston doomsters Morne have a new album due out on Profund Lore on July 23. Shadows is the Massachusetts’ masters third album. Darker than an oil slick and crustier than a stale French loaf, Morne’s latest descent into the abyss is expected to be the most disturbing yet but coming in heavier than a bag of cement. Here’s a taster.


Occult metalists Venomous Maximus have just released Beg Upon The Light via Napalm Records. I’ve been really impressed by this release and will actually be reviewing it in one of my regular death metal round-ups soon so keep an eye out for it. Check out this suitably spooky teaser to get a taste of what the Texans have been up to.


Plenty of old skool death metal fans will have a place in their charred hearts for Septicflesh.  Their iconic work Esoptron has been given the once over by New Noise Magazine complete with new cover and three additional  tracks. The 1995 release has been fully remastered and for those whose paths have yet to be crossed by Septicflesh tune in with this full album stream.


Arrayan Path have a new album out via Pitch Black Records. IV: Stigmata is the fourth full length album from the Cypriots and a lyric/video clip is up to put you in the mood.


Disparaged have been snapped up Apostasy Records which sounds a match made in heaven – or hell! The Swiss death metal act have three albums under their studded belt and the next is one to look out for. An Apostasy spokesman warned: “All of you who thought Swiss people are slow-going will be proved wrong by Disparaged. The quartet rounds off dynamic drums and harsh brutality with downright virtuous melodies within the solos.”


Denver doom merchants Primitive Man have joined Relapse. The band said: “We are excited to have the support of a label as legendary as Relapse. We cannot wait to spread our music further than we had thought possible. All hail extreme music. All hail pain.” Relapse have opted to reissue their debut album ‘Scorn’ for starters to coincide with a six-week US tour.


Necrovile have a new album out on Lacerated Enemy Records. Engorging the Devourmental Void is a seriously destructive animal and you can get a taste of the savage death metal Romanian trio right here.


FDA Rekotz are popping out death metal diamonds like peas in a pod. We can now add Berlin’s Dehuman Reign to the list with Destructive Intent just out. A spokesman for the prolific German label declared: “The young band is composed of experienced musicians and celebrate on Destructive Intent the finest, fastest, most classic American-styled death metal for fans of early Suffocation, Immolation or Deicide.” That’s all I need to hear!


I’ll sign off this month with a hearty recommendation for The Fleshland, Coffins’ Relapse debut. There’s some pretty deep stuff coming out of Japan – Church of Misery – and Coffins are right up there. The Tokyo crew have unleashed a mighty beast mixed with death and doom full of eastern promise. I’ll be reviewing this crusher soon but here’s a little trailer album trailer to fan the flames, see you next month!