Cavorts – Times Told EP


Review by Will Harris

Transcend Music

The latest ferocious group to come out of Yorkshire (see Leeds’ Pulled Apart By Horses or Hawk Eyes for the last couple) Barnsley’s mercilessly aggressive upstarts Cavorts are a formidable four-piece frantically punching their way from the punk end of metalcore.

From just the first listen of debut EP Times Told, Cavorts’ modus operandi is clear: beat the figurative snot out of every listener and leave each one with strong, screamy hooks fisted firmly into every head by the end of it. ‘The Way’ in particular features a shaking, headbang-steady, shout-along chorus, while the throaty lead of ‘Save Some Things’ is one of the most strikingly anthemic combinations of aggression and melody since Alexisonfire. The music itself throws everything a good modern hardcore record should, and then some — the frenetic, relentless heavy-chord punk of the opening two tracks establish Cavorts as a manic force to be reckoned with, but they also have other strings to their bow: ‘The Way’ opens with a solo you’d usually expect to find under the classic rock section, while the verses of ‘Save Some Things’ evoke the speed metal of Motörhead. Carrying the voracious, battering waves of energy pulsing through these tracks is the exceptional drumming of Richard Murray, whose merciless beating is integral to their impact.

There’s a chance that Cavorts could get overlooked among the chaff of bands hoping to be the next Bronx, Every Time I Die, or Gallows, but the Barnsley boys have this writer’s full confidence: visceral, infectious and exhilarating, Times Told is an astounding début.

Cavorts - Times Told8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Pigs of Ballast
  2. Make It Suffer
  3. The Way
  4. Save Some Things