Caronte – Codex Babalon


Drugs, alcohol, death, black masses, sex, esoterism and mysticism…

The door to eternal doom opened by Ván Records on 22 July 2016 and entered by Jason Guest

First impression: Danzig does doom. Subsequent impressions: Unholy shit! This is some serious trance-inducing, demon-summoning, blood-sacrificing doom laced with as much murky might and melody as it is with lysergic liturgy and supernatural supremacy. Conceived in Parma, Italy in 2010 as “heavy acid doom inspired by drugs, alcohol abuse, death, black masses, sex, esoterism and mysticism” by the three Bones brothers – Dorian (vocals), Henry (bass) and Tony (guitar) – and drummer Mike de Chirico, Caronte is a new band to these ears and one that is here to stay.

Focussing on the female figure and sexual rites and continuing on their esoteric trip with their own Shamanic Doom, Codex Babalon is a huge, fuzzed-out, droning slab of music as heavy as its subject matter. Densely layered, the viscous atmospherics and the hypnotic intensity of the three tracks here are as consuming as they are inescapable. Haunting vocals are cast against a backdrop of ritualistic rumbling riffs that bear a distinctly reverent and psychedelic tone. There’s a world beyond concealed with these three eight- to ten-minute tracks, and it’s one that is as fearsome as it is freeing and as sinister as it is seductive. This is one not to listen to, but to worship to. Essential.

Read MR’s interview with the band here.

Caronte – Codex Babalon8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Invocation To Paimon
  2. Elixir Rubeus
  3. Rites Of High Theurgy



  1. This devil worshipping, demon summoning stuff should be banned. Young people should not be exposed to it.

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