Captain Horizon – The Lights of Distorted Science


Review by Tony Gaskin

This is a tricky one. The thing about working closely with the local unsigned and underground scene is that you make a lot of friends, the bands become part of your life so to speak. So when you get handed a new album to review from one such band what do you do? Pass it on? Be extremely critical so people can’t say you were biased? Like I said a tricky one.

In the end I thought sod it, the Captain Horizon guys may all be personal friends, but they are also a very talented band and act in a professional manner at all times so the least I can do is reciprocate.
So here goes.

This long awaited full studio album from the Birmingham quartet is finally here. The DIY ethos is well and truly represented by this release; written, recorded, engineered, artwork, marketing etc all done by the band, but make no mistake, the quality is equal to many main stream recordings.

Opening up with The Light, a track that reflects the title, it’s up lifting and euphoric. Watson’s sublime guitars are layered over the hypnotic bass lines, whilst the juxta position of Whittys almost harsh vocals, are strangley complimentary.
Each member of this band has incredible talent and every track brings these to the fore, showing what a great job Joshua Watson did in producing and mixing this album. Shadows and Vampires is the lead single, and certainly has a mass appeal to it, great lyrics, one you can easily join in with. Great tempo changes gets you soaring then head banging.

Outstanding track though has got to be the powerful Patch, an anti-war song dedicated to Harry Patch, Britains last fighting Tommy from World War 1, when I first heard this in a very rough draft form it moved me, now it all it’s full glory this is a real lump in the throat song, and a firm favourite played live.

The rest of the album continues to take you on a journey of revelation and self appraisal. This is definitely a moreĀ somberĀ and thought provoking set of songs from the CH boys than we’ve been used to. With this album they’ve taken all their varied influences from rock, pop, prog and even classical music and created a whole genre to themselves. This is Alt Prog Rock and you heard it first on this album (probably gonna be told of numerous bands who have that tag already now, but I can’t think of any right here, right now).

The album is launched on the 7th December at Eddies in Birmingham, I urge you to get your tickets to see this band in a small venue before the go huge.

9 out of 10

Track listing:

1. The Light
2. Shadows and Vampires
3. Patch
4. The Sun Has Set
5. Bottom Of Your Heart
6. Light Years
7. Pious
8. Shell
9. Judge You
10. Brand Me A Ghost
11. Torn Up My World
12. Underworld