Caliban – Ghost Empire


Review by Dan Perks

Century Media

Caliban have long been a mainstay on the European metal scene. With Ghost Empire being their twelfth studio, release they definitely aren’t lacking in experience. With that wealth of experience comes another storming album from the German icons. Filled with huge anthems, Ghost Empire brings all of Caliban’s strongest elements forward. Emotion-fuelled lyrics cover a wide range of topics from rebellion, revenge, visions of the apocalypse and a thank you to the bands loyal fan base. This ‘thank you’ is a pounding live track entitled ‘yOUR song’. The track begs for fans to sing along either at home or live. The lyrics are so profound that they resonate and pull you in, “This is your song – this is our song, We’re coming home – where we belong, This is your song – this is our song, We’re flesh and bone, so sing along…” beg to to be screamed aloud. Ghost Empire also features the band’s first German-only song, ‘Nebel, an amazingly catchy hook-laden track. Unfortunately, my German isn’t great but even I can’t stop singing along in broken Deutsch.

My stand out track from Ghost Empire is ‘I Am Ghost’. The track opens with a soft interlude before exploding into a frantic barrage of anger. Filled with breakdowns, chant along choruses and melodic hooks, ‘I am Ghost’ is everything metalcore is supposed to be. Other highlights of the album include the pounding apocalyptic monster ‘Wolves and Rats’ and the emotional torrent that is ‘Cries and Whispers’. There’s no filler on Ghost Empire and every track shines through brightly. Ghost Empire could easily be one of the biggest metalcore releases of the year and the bands most triumphant release today.

Caliban – Ghost Empire8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. King
  2. Chaos – Creation
  3. Wolves and Rats
  4. nebeL
  5. I Am Ghost
  6. Devils Night
  7. yOUR song
  8. Cries and Whispers
  9. Good Man
  10. I Am Rebellion
  11. Who We Are
  12. My Vertigo