Brutus – Behind The Mountains


Review by Kat Ball

Svart Records

Blues is back kids, and Brutus have presented a superb sample of that in their latest offering Behind the Mountains. Hailing from Sweden and Norway, they’re just the latest in a group of bands from Europe transporting us back to the best of the Seventies sound with a modern feel, joining the likes of Graveyard in putting out solid psychedelic hard rock albums.

Opening on ‘The Witches’ Remains”, the sludgy opening riff means there’s no mistaking what kind of band you’re listening to here, before taking up the pace with drive and wonderful guitar licks. Next song up, ‘Personal Riot’ is more up-tempo from the off, with nice drum work and a riff that will be buzzing around in your head all day. It’s near impossible to listen to this track and not wish you were driving a convertible with the top down through Seventies California in the sun, tapping along on the steering wheel with fury.

In the hauntingly great ‘Blue Pills’, the band surely defies any person not to be moved instantly in the opening seconds, a dark charm that embodies blues itself and soars in the solo section. Other standout tracks include ‘Mystery Machine’, at times sounding Sabbath-like, and ‘Reflections’, a great slow burner with a guitar sound you can feel in the pit of your stomach.

What Brutus seem to represent, especially with this, their latest release, is not quite an homage to the great music many years behind us, but a reminder that this style of dreamy psychedelic style was, and always will be great, and does not have to be nostalgic when we have great artists still putting it out like this.

Brutus – Behind The Mountains8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. The Witches Remains
  2. Personal Riot
  3. Big Fat Boogie
  4. Blues Pills
  5. Square Headed Dog
  6. Mystery Machine
  7. Crystal Parrot
  8. Reflections
  9. Can’t Help Wondering Why