Brassick – Broke and Restless


Review by Tony Gaskin

Self Released

I spoke recently of the strong Punk scene here in Birmingham. Trouble is, apart from a handful of quality bands, most are of the generic three-chord, three-minute variety: basic song-writing skills with basic technical ability where if you shout and play fast then that’ll be fine. But occasionally a young band pops up that offers up some competition to the old guard. Brassick may just be one of those. Split between Birmingham and Worcester, this past twelve months have seen them become regulars on the Midlands live circuit with their exciting brand of ska tinged punk. Thoughtful lyrics and accomplished musicianship have come together to produce a five-track EP that is rough and ready production wise, but gives a glimpse of what this band can produce.

Vocals are handled by Nicola Hardy, with a gravelly tone that is reminiscent of Brody Dalle/Courtney Love, with backing provided by guitarist Pete MacBeth, who is a few grades above the average punk strummer; bass is handled by Jake Cunningham, a familiar face on the local punk circuit with his other band/promotion projects; whilst the fast and furious drumming is provided by the also familiar figure of Jay Jay Chaos.

The songs on this EP are gritty and some may say controversial, dealing with abuse, homelessness and the general malaise that seems to have hit the current younger generation, mirroring the explosion of youth protest back in the early 80’s. As I said, production is rough and ready, harking back to the original DIY ethos of punk, but too much slick production would take away the street feel to the songs. But if they want to continue to rise above the cacophony of mediocrity then they need to continue to develop their sound into something that combines their raw passion with a more polished finish. A reasonable début EP that will no doubt do well with the hard core punks, but more is needed if they want to get their message across to the new disillusioned youth

Brassick EP 20137 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Pelt
  2. Broke and Restless
  3. Hitting Home
  4. Rome
  5. The Streets Provide