Bowling For Soup – Lunch. Drunk. Love.


Reviewed by Rachel Sloper

Que-So Records

When Bowling For Soup called upon their devoted fans to help them fund their latest release, they were overwhelmed with the response. The result? An organic pop-punk tribute to the fans that have came along for the two-decade journey that has been Bowling For Soup’s career so far, and what a ride it’s been…

Opening track, ‘Critically Disdained’ starts on a mellow note, a simple acoustic riff and clean vocals from main man Jaret Reddick is reminiscent of parts of their live show. Just as you allow yourself to be lulled into the calm acoustic melody, BFS’s true colours are re-instated, throwing you headlong into what promises to be another pop-punk guilty pleasure album you will enjoy for years to come. ‘Since We Broke Up’ opens on a dark note where listeners may expect an angsty break up song. What Bowling For Soup deliver, true to form, is an anthemic celebration of the bright side of breaking up. You can almost see the scene at their upcoming tour, guys in the crowd raising their plastic pint glasses in agreement.  What is great about BFS is that they have always been able to take every day experiences that anyone can relate to, happy or sad, and turn it into an upbeat anthem perfect for the festival, the radio or the intimate gigs. This is why they are still relevant nearly twenty years into their career.

‘Real’ sees the guys cover the importance of staying true to yourself in a relationship. It is a great, feel-good, upbeat track that won’t fail to get the crowds bouncing if they take this track on tour. Towards the end of the track there is a lovely acoustic breakdown where once again, Reddick’s unmistakable vocals are showcased in a much softer light than we’re used to. ‘From The Rooftops’ opens with a funky riff and talks about everything that is wrong with a woman. Believe it or not, it is a song about being in love, where ‘Circle’ is a beautiful acoustic track. Punctuated with a few subtle piano chords, it’s a refreshing use of the band’s talent and resources. ‘Normal Chicks’ is something else. Here we see BFS entering uncharted territory. It is a sweet track about the appeal of natural-looking girls, which is a great promotion of healthy teen body image that could speak to many on a very personal level. ‘And I Think You Like Me Too’ resets the tone with an upbeat acoustic tune. With references to hit song 1985, (a common trademark of theirs is to reference their older songs within their new material) It is a simple and fun song about falling in love, it’s a real highlight. ‘How Far Can This Go’ is the closest that Lunch. Drunk. Love. gets to a ballad, but who ever expected a ballad from the class-clowns that brought us ‘Punk Rock 101’? It’s simply a pleasant surprise.  Closing track ‘Kevin Weaver’ rounds off the album well, with a healthy dose of acoustic-laced pop punk. Packed with nostalgic lyrics, Bowling For Soup sure know how to leave their fans satisfied.

Exactly what we expected from a BFS album? Maybe, but why mess with a good thing?

Here’s to the next twenty years!

Bowling For Soup 20138 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Critically Disdained
  2. Since We Broke Up
  3. Real
  4. From The Rooftops
  5. Circle
  6. Normal Chicks
  7. I Am Waking Up Today
  8. Couple of Days
  9. And I Think You Like Me Too
  10. Envy
  11. How Far Can This Go
  12. Right About Now
  13. Kevin Weaver