Bovine – The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire


Review by Dan Perks

FDA Rekotz

What is it you love about heavy music? The riffs, the screams, the growls, the thunderous bass and drums? Or maybe even the transitions from harmonious melodies to pounding grooves? Whatever it is you love about heavy music you will find it on The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire. Compared to the likes of Baroness and later era Mastodon, Bovine are bringing big riffs straight out of the midlands.

As the album unfolds it packs the solid formula of big drums, big riffs and screaming vocals. In places there are touches of Queens of the Stone Age grooves, Baroness’ southern tinged riffs. The ingredients for a brilliantly heavy album are all there, but its not just about the ingredients to get the results. The first key thing when you have all the ingredients is the mix. The production and mix on doesn’t do the sound any favours. There are points were everything merges into a blurry mess. The bass disappears and the vocals become less and less clear.

My next little grumble is after a few listens the album quickly becomes quite repetitive. The riffs don’t really change from song to song, there are no real hooks or catchy moments to draw you in; I didn’t find myself humming to it or getting any kind of attachment to the music. It’s a shame because there so much potential and the core elements are very promising. I’ve not heard this much promise from a local band for some time and The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire is still a great indicator of the talent within the band. So keep your eyes peeled for great things from Bovine in the future.

Bovine – The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire6 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Barium
  2. Ghost Chair
  3. Thank Fuck I Ain’t you
  4. Heroes Are What
  5. The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire
  6. The Battle of The Sinkhole
  7. Aneugenic
  8. I Will Make You Real
  9. Military Wife
  10. No Another Name


Review by Dan Perks