Bokassa – Let’s Storm the Capitol


Norway’s wryest export BOKASSA are back and ready to drag you kicking and screaming into their dystopian future. As they launch the pre-order for their upcoming new album All Out Of Dreams, Bokassa have unveiled another brand new single and its official video, the feisty ‘Let’s Storm The Capitol.’

Bokassa comment,Let’s Storm The Capitol is kind of a satirical look, at how rarely people form their own opinions even though they might think they do. Thus, making them useful idiots for opportunists who prey on uninformed people, and use them to accomplish their own agendas.

The song’s title is also a nod to Neil Young’s ‘Let’s Impeach The President’ from the mid-2000s, so you can’t accuse us of being particularly hip and trendy this time either. 

According to drummer Olav’s mother, this is also the best song we’ve ever made, which is quite the endorsement! For me the song is a musical melting pot, like most of our songs, consisting of a kind of Propagandhi-esque metal riff into an Alkaline Trio-like chorus before it turns into a cowbell groove ala KISS or Pantera. Vocally, we took some notes from the book of Rob Halford after supporting Judas Priest last year, and in the song, we reach some of our highest pitched notes ever, which might prove to be a challenge as we are not metal gods.”

Watch the official video for ‘Let’s Storm The Capitol’ here and get the single here.

Bokassa’s new album All Out Of Dreams is set for release on February 16th 2024, via Indie Recordings and was recorded by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Halford) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark.

Over ten songs and an all-killer, no-filler 30 minutes, Bokassa is as diverse as ever. The power trio offer everything from riffy stoner metal in “Bradford Death Squadron” (that also features special guest Aaron Beam from stoner rockers Red Fang), almost progressive skatepunk in “No More Good Days”, 45 seconds of metallic hardcore in “Everyone Fails In The End”, to laid-back Izzy Stradlin bottleneck-riffing on the desert rocker “Gung Ho”. Fans got their first taste of new music earlier this year via heavy-hitting belter,Garden Of Heathen.

A melodically-driven, stoner punk track that’s unmistakably BOKASSA, its hefty drums, smooth riffs, and catchy lyrics are only enhanced further by guest vocals from New York hardcore legend, Lou Koller (Sick Of It All); this album marking the first time the group have had guests on a record. Follow-up single, the stoner punk title track All Out Of Dreams is filled to the brim with attitude and frustrated, pissed-off pessimism.

In other words, the band has not become less fond of mixing genres over the years! In an age where everything sounds the same, it has also always been important to BOKASSA that each record is sonically different from the previous one. Where, for example, their debut Divide & Conquer had a noisy soundscape and 2021’s Molotov Rocktail had more playful, bombastic rock sonics, All Out Of Dreams embraces a slightly more raw, metallic sound. It was a conscious choice to go for a snare drum sound that brings to mind ’90s metal, rock, and punk ala Clutch, Helmet, Therapy?, or The Vandals’ Live Fast, Diarrhea.

The album will be available in multiple formats including digipack CD, magenta vinyl, black vinyl, and purple with blue jay splatter vinyl, as well as digitally. Pre-order here (from Indie Recordings) or here (from Plastichead).



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