Bloodstock 2017 – Interview with Netherhall


We’re off to Nether Netherland…


Among a host of up and coming Midlands bands to perform at Bloodstock this year were Netherhall.

Paul Castles spoke with the Birmingham Metal 2 The Masses winners prior to their set on the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage.

Netherhall are among a host of bands performing at Giff-Fest, this Sunday (27 August), at The Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton.

Their debut three-track EP Imacular is out now, details on their social media sites below.


  1. This guy told us to go and watch them infact he was doing a good job trying to get people in to watch.
    Netherhall are gonna be big if going on what we saw continues seem to have a good stage presence and songs are cool too.

    thanks to that guy cause I was going for a beer but glad I watched them

  2. strong band this lot good songs good vibe not really my thing more a speed metal man but saw them at stock and was impressed

  3. wow
    someone told me to check them out at bloodstock they are amazing don’t know about new Sabbath did you mean cause they are from Birmingham the drummer was on fire and the 3 lads up front are really strong do they have a cd due out

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