Blink 182 @ The LG Arena, Birmingham – 16th June 2012


Review by Kimberley Easton / Photos by Randii Tierney

After the worst day ever, from ticket mix ups, to feeling ill and missing trains, seeing this show made it all worthwhile. So firstly, I need to give a massive thank you to the staff at the LG Arena box office for getting everything sorted in the ticket department. So thank you to the Manager, whose name I never caught, you’re a star!

Sadly though, after all the events that took place prior to getting to the venue, I missed the sets of Twin Atlantic and All American Rejects, which is a shame as I would loved to have reviewed those too.

Getting into the packed out arena and taking my seat by the side of the stage, I looked around to a sea of faces, all of varying ages. It was great to see some of the ‘original’ fans come out of the woodwork and also a new generation to grace the place. It really shows that Blink have still got it after so many years!

Kicking off the set with ‘Feeling This’, the crowd were going wild, you could feel the euphoria in the air and it set the tone for the whole evening. They played some of their classics, (‘What’s My Age Again?’, ‘Rock Show’ and ‘I Miss You’) along with hits from the Number 1 album on the UK Rock Charts,’ Neighbourhoods’ (‘Up All Night’, ‘After Midnight’ and ‘Wishing Well’).

The jokes at times were very cringe worthy, but funny all the same… Anyone standing close enough to the stage even got to see what lead singer, Tom DeLonge’s mom’s cl*t looked like! (According to the ever so lovely Mark Hoppus, when asked by Tom ‘did he know what this was?’) Carrying on with the humour of the evening, they played the hilarious ‘When You F*cked Grandpa’, which received a huge cheer from the crowd and I even found myself shouting along to it.

Mark and Tom travelled to the centre of the arena to play a couple of acoustic tracks, ‘Reckless Abandon’ and ‘Going Away To College’, it was a truly special and intimate moment and amazing to have witnessed.

Then an even bigger treat with a drum solo from Travis Barker, ‘Can A Drummer Get Some’ showed off the true talent and skills that Barker possesses and puts him up there as one of the greatest drummers of our time.

Closing the show with ‘Dammit’ and ‘Family Reunion’, I felt a bit sad that it was all over but also privileged to have watched one of the greatest punk/rock bands of the last two decades. Truly remarkable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wanted an evening of awesome music, great (but cheesy) comedic lines and an all round fantastic atmosphere.


All in all, 10/10. Absolutely amazing.



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  1. Nice review, Kim, sounded like a great show – Blink are a real blast from the past for me! Some awesome pics from Randii too!

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