Blessed By A Broken Heart – Feel The Power


Review by Woody

Feel The Power is the latest album from Canadian genre cross over band Blessed By A Broken Heart. The band which has featured a revolving door of musicians in its history mix Speed Metal, death growl vocals and big harmony drenched melodic rock choruses.

On paper it shouldn’t work and I’m sure to many it doesn’t, but for me I really dig what the band are doing! I also like the fact that the ‘growl’ vocals have largely been shown the door thankfully, but they do crop up from time to time but far less prominently than on their previous album Pedal To the Metal.

The band have set out to create an album of full on fist pumping metal anthems, very much with a nod to the 80’s style whilst trying to keep another foot in the here and now! You get loads of Dragonforce style head banging riffs accompanying keyboard heavy melodies and harmony drenched anthemic gang choruses! Its old school rock n roll, these guys aren’t trying to pass on anything deep and meaningful it’s all about fun and energy.

The mix of styles could put some people of giving this band a go, but melodic rock fans should definitely give them an ear, and I’m sure many fans of the underground scene will relish hearing highly melodic rock back in the mainstream! The choruses are straight ahead melodic rock, plenty of harmonies and more wooooahhh’s than a Bon Jovi concert! The excellent use of keyboards will also appeal to those of us who love our rock with melody as well as power!

I like highly polished music with lots going on and a full sound and that’s what you get here, I know that’s not for everyone and the clean and crisp style could turn away hardened rockers. Me? Well let’s just say if I’d been about in 1987 rock scene, I wouldn’t have lasted a month before exploding in a joygasm – so albums with a clean crisp and polished sound ain’t a problem for my listening tastes!

I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the album although I’m not sure it will stand the test of time but for now it’s leaving a smile on my face! I think the one thing that lets it down is some of the songs do blend into one another so the similarity does let things down a tad. Also another fault is the speed metal guitar riffs soon lose their novelty for me and I’m pretty sure most those riffs are exactly the same – I can’t see me becoming a speed metal fan anytime soon!

Although a positive for melodic rock fans is that a collection of songs in the latter part of the album all turn down the speed metal guitars and these few songs all wisely placed together sound more like late 80’s hair metal! So the change in tempo will definitely appeal to some.

Keep an ear out for ‘Shut Up & Rock’, ‘Rockin All Night’, ‘Scream it Like You Mean It’ & ‘Love Nightmare’ if you can bear through the death growl vocals until the chorus which is one of the most commercial on the album

The commercial beauty of ‘Forever’ and ‘Sleepless Nights’ are probably the stand out tracks and you have to check out the wonderful old school power ballad ‘I’ve Got You’. This piano ballad does seem totally out of place on an album like this and may have been better off tagged on at the end, but that doesn’t stop it been a killer song!

Rating 7 out of 10