Bleed from Within – Uprising


Review by Dan Perks

Well, isn’t 2013 turning into an outstanding year for heavy metal? There have already been a number of solid shouts for album of year already. Possibly one of the loudest shouts is the latest release by Glaswegian bruisers Bleed from Within. With Uprising, the third studio album from the band, it’s clear very quickly that they have raised the bar on this one.

The album opens with a reverb filled intro that builds up to opening track ‘Colony’, a brutal yet self-empowering anthem that pushes back against anyone who tells you how to live your live. The chants of “Throw your fists in the air if we’re on the same page” inspire a sense of allegiance, almost like a rally speech before a battle. Vocalist Scott Kennedy sounds clearer and more technically sound than on some of the previous records. The vocals have moved away from the deathcore pig squeals and into a more metalcore sound. You can hear every word, every chorus and chant. It’s not just the vocals that have matured on this album.  Every element on Uprising has taken a massive leap forward. The guitars are huge when they need to be, the riffs are crushing yet groovy. The bass and drums make every riff and beat down sound monstrous. Songs like ‘I Am Oblivion’ and ‘Nothing, No One, Nowhere’ will fast because massive fan favourites.

Uprising is one of the most solid all round metal albums I’ve heard in a long time, every element of the album is well above par. You get the sense from Uprising that Bleed from Within are a band that are making the jump to Heavy metal mega stars. This album pushes them to the upper echelons of modern metal occupied by the likes of Machine head and Lamb of God.

Bleed From Within - Uprising 20139 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. III
  2. Colony
  3. It Lives in Me
  4. Nothing, No one, Nowhere
  5. Escape yourself
  6. Strive
  7. I am Oblivion
  8. Speechless
  9. Our Divide
  10. Uprising
  11. The War Around Us
  12. Leech
  13. Devotion