BlackWolf – The Hunt


Review by Paul Davis

Self Released

Release Date: 2 March 2014

BlackWolf’s debut EP Taking Root was released in 2012 to many favourable reviews, however with the release of their stunning first album The Hunt, the Bristol based rockers really have taken things to another level. The album has been funded by a Pledge campaign that reached its target within weeks, after BlackWolf built their reputation on the road, taking in tours with The Union and The Answer amongst many others.

The album opens strongly with ‘Mr Maker’ before the band really find their groove with ‘Keep Moving On’ and its Slash inspired riffs. The influences run the gamut from AC/DC and Led Zep to early Guns n’ Roses and on to the grunge era. The voice of Scott Sharp brings the bluesy, soulful vibe to the album, while at times his vocal style is Myles Kennedy-esque, particularly on the aforementioned ‘Keep Moving On’ and ‘Dragging Ghosts’. ‘Sleepwalking’ has an intro straight out of an eighties action movie before rocking out in style. There’s not really anything on this album that would be considered a ballad, however more gentle moments are here, check out the wonderful acoustic led intro to ‘Faith In Me’.

Some of BlackWolf’s influences may be old school, but like Rival Sons, they are rock revivalists, bringing their own style to the classic rock sound. In a recent issue, Classic Rock Magazine addressed the ‘crisis in rock’ and asked ‘is rock dying?’. Crowdfunding and social networking may be all important these days but The Hunt shows that rock is still alive and well.

BlackWolf – The Hunt8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Mr. Maker
  2. Keep Moving On
  3. Moving Mountains
  4. Faith In Me
  5. Trouble
  6. Only Said In Silence
  7. House Of Emerald Wine
  8. Raised On The Sun
  9. Black Hole Friend
  10. Dragging Ghosts
  11. Relief
  12. Sleepwalking
  13. Sea Of Mercy