Black Wolf – Taking Root


Review by Jack Arkell

Ask the balding man at the bar at any small music venue and he’ll tell you that ‘real’ rock music is dead, and today’s bands are all a bunch of make-up wearing sissies. He’ll be wearing an ACDC or Led Zeppelin shirt, harking back to the good old days of big hair and even bigger egos.

However, with bands such as Wolfmother, Black Spiders and Airbourne bridging the gap, such music has never really disappeared. Hallelujah and all that.

That’s where Bristolians BlackWolf come in. Boasting almost as much soul as a gospel choir and enough riffage to put your speakers in fear, they may well just be one of the better classic rock tinged bands that you haven’t heard yet.

Take opening track ‘Stairway Ticket’. Bursting into life with some frankly marvellous guitar work, Scott Sharp takes centre stage with a howl that one suspects is going to last forever, even during repeated listens.

Lyrically, BlackWolf are solid; competent if meandering into the realms of cliché at times. Still, this doesn’t diminish the overall quality of the music too much. Try nitpicking whilst listening to the genuine, unpretentious, Rival Sons-esque sound.

At just four tracks long, ‘Taking Root’ is a consistent body of work that is streamlined enough to avoid any chance of the listener becoming jaded, although that may not have been a problem anyway. Standout track ‘Finding Fables’ provides a glimpse of what this band could become if given enough exposure, so start by checking this EP out yourself. Go on.

Rated 8 out of 10