Black Spiders @ Academy 3, Birmingham – Tuesday 8th October 2013


Review by Peter Keevil, Photos by Tony Gaskin

Black Spiders are on a high, they are oft quoted as being the stars’ favourite band and their 2nd self-released album ‘This Savage Land’ peaked at no9 in the Rock Albums chart after a successful Pledge Music campaign. They are about to head out on a lengthy jaunt across Europe in support of frequent tour buddies, Airbourne but for this visit it was great to see them on a headline tour, calling the shots and playing second fiddle to no one.

Black Spiders

Having said that, the reality is that they were only able to pull a hundred people in a town the size of Birmingham. These are tough times. But there’s no complacency in the BS camp, they have had to scrap and scrape to earn every album sale and every tshirt purchase and every punter through the doors to get where they are and they clearly have every intention to work every angle possible to attain greater heights.

I’m not sure of the cause but the Dark Riders of the North only tethered their great stallion-beasts a mere half hour before going on stage but you wouldn’t have noticed, such was their hunger to deliver their volcano-hot brand of gut-punching rock n roll.

Black Spiders

New album ‘This Savage Land’ dominated the main set with a 7 song-haul; scattered amongst these were old-school favourites. The balance paid off as Black Spiders sounded fresh and vibrant, keen to honour their new offspring like proud guitar wielding warlords. Their 3 guitar attack sounded huge in the compact Academy 3, underpinned by the (eat) thunder and (shit) lightning of Irwin and Si, the latter his typical manic self, grinning like a lobotomised Cheshire cat.

A bare 60 minutes in and the gang (because that’s very much what these troubadours are) left the stage, leaving the crowd in a sweaty mess, voices hoarse, middle digits still aloft in the traditional BS salute, left punch drunk and not quite sure what just hit them.

Main men, Pete Spiby and Ozzy (looking resplendent in a Double-Denim, Grizzly Adams type of way) returned to wrench-out the feedback wailings that is the intro to Spiders classic ‘St. Peter’, and lord only knows the trouble we’re in.

Black Spiders

There’s just time to Stick It To The Man before we were asked What Good’s A Rock Without a Roll and they are gone riding in to the night.

75mins for a headline act? Perhaps not quite enough for me but its type of approach that keeps us lean, ravenous even for more Black Spiders. I heard punters saying that they were then heading to Bristol for the next hostelry stop on this great trek that will see these gallant adventurers five take on the world.

Fuck you and this one horse town.

1. Knock you out
2. Stay down
3. Creatures
4. Kiss tried to kill me
5. Trouble
6. Balls
7. Sleepy Demon
8. Put love in its place
9. Just like a woman
10. Teenage knife gang

11. St. Peter
12. Stick it to the man
13. What’s good’s a Rock without a roll


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  1. Sounds awesome, they really stood out when I saw them supporting Airbourne all that time ago at the Manchester Apollo (back in 2010, I think?!?), hoping to catch them again when Airbourne tour later this year!

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