Bilocate – Summoning The Bygones


Review by Dan Perks

Hailing from Jordan in the Middle East, Bilocate are either a band you love or a band you’ve never heard of. If you fall in to the latter category then “Summoning The Bygones” will be the album that sends you tumbling into the former.

Described as Dark Oriental metal Summoning The Bygones is a blend of Middle Eastern flavour and European melodic metal, so much so legendary swede Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Opeth) features on two of the albums tracks on Summoning The Bygones. I know what your thinking, Apart from an obscure genre bracket and name dropping a legend why should I listen to Summoning The Bygones right?

What Summoning The Bygones does so well is mix levels and switch from beautiful atmospheric melodies to funky grooves to crushingly heavy sections, Blast beats and thunderous drumming are mixed with catchy hooks and riffs tinged with a Middle Eastern flavour in the lead guitar work. Featured on the album is a cover of Paradise Lost’s ‘Dead Emotion’ which Bilocate add their own flavour to and bring into a new light. To close the album the final track, ‘Desire to Leave’, is broken into three sections: obscurity, surrounding hell and of leaving. As per the whole album all three tracks are brilliantly well structured, in an almost classically symphonic fashion. All the elements mix perfectly then the subtle synths add a haunting nuance to the tracks, my only criticism of this album is occasionally the vocals seem a little flat against the melodic breakdowns but even so this is a small price to pay for what is a very impressive and solid metal album and one you should definitely play loud.

The album is due for release June 2012.

8 out of 10