Beth Hart @ Rock City, Nottingham – Friday 22nd November 2013


Review & Photos by Sean Larkin

To say I was looking forward to this gig would be an understatement. Having heard both Beth Hart’s own¬†material, and the¬†albums she recorded with Joe Bonamassa, I knew I just had to see these songs performed live.

Beth Hart
Beth Hart

The set started off with Beth taking to the stage alone for the opening tracks of ‘I’ll Take Care Of You’ and ‘Setting Me Free’ before the rest of the band joined her on stage for ‘Thru The Window Of My Mind’ and her first track away from the keyboard, ‘Nutbush City Limits’. The power and control in Beth’s voice is astonishing, often having to hold the mic some distance away so as not to take away from the quality of her own sound or to drown out the sound of the rest of the band.

Between songs, we hear about the good times and experiences in her life, as well as her love of music helping her through some of the more difficult times. As the set went on you could tell that a lot of the songs are inspired by her own real life experiences, none more evident than the emotional ‘Leave The Light On’.

Beth Hart
Beth Hart

During the near 2 hour set (which has been different on each night of the tour) we were treated to what felt like two different gigs combined together. On one hand we had the more intimate songs (especially when Beth was at the keyboard), where you were made to feel like you were the only person she was singing to, and then you had the songs where she was dancing around the stage and interacting with each of the band members. Speaking of the band, it is very easy to overlook just how good they actually are together. The chemistry between singer and band makes for a very entertaining show (A special mention should go to the sound engineer tonight, the sound was perfect and each instrument were as crystal clear as the vocals).

Beth Hart
Beth Hart

Tonight’s gig was thoroughly enjoyable from one of the best singers I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live and will certainly be one of my top gigs of the year.


1. I’ll Take Care Of You
2. Setting Me Free
3. Thru The Window Of My Mind
4. Nutbush City Limits
5. Delicious Surprise
6. Miss Lady
7. Sister Heroine
8. Leave The Light On
9. Stinky Feet
10. Learning To Live
11. Baddest Blues
12. Better Man
13. I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

14. The Ugliest House On The Block
15. Angel From Montgomery
16. Broken & Ugly
17. House Of Sin
18. Trouble

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