Baroness @ Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – Saturday 19 October 2013


Baroness - October 2013

Review by Jason Guest; photos by Sam Knight

With Baroness and their road crew involved in a serious accident when they were last on these shores only last August, it would be an understatement to say that tonight’s audience were overjoyed to be in the company of the band this evening. The last time they toured the UK, they had a new bassist, Matt Maggioni (he took over from original bassist Summer Welch), in tow, a musician who was a more-than-welcome addition to the line-up and whose passionate on-stage performance promised much for the band and its future. Since the accident, both he and original drummer Allen Bickle have left Baroness, a move that left some fearing for the band’s future. But not so for John Baizley and Peter Adams, because while the other two deemed other aspects of their life more important – understandably of course – Baroness would continue. Their recovery and determination was supported and welcomed by their fan-base and so, with two new musicians on board, Baroness were back in Blighty, and Wolverhampton – no doubt like every other town on the tour – was waiting with open arms.

When they appear on stage, John, Peter, bassist Nick Jost, and drummer Sebastian Thomson are greeted with the response they deserve, the band reciprocating with a set that draws as deeply on the crowd’s energy as it does the depth of the band’s musicianship and exceptional song-craft. The last time they were here, 2012’s Yellow & Green was yet to be released and so their set included only four songs from the album and so the opportunity to exploit the album for this tour is richly savoured. For a four piece, what Baroness do on stage is incredible, easily on a par with what they do in the studio. An ambitious album – and one of the best of 2012 – Yellow & Green saw the band explore, develop, and deliver some of their most accomplished material to date. With Jost and Sebastian proving themselves worthy additions to the line-up by bringing the kind of energy that such a band and their oeuvre requires and deserves, the audience warm to them quickly. And given their performance this evening, the future for this line-up of Baroness looks more than promising.

Had Baroness decided to call it quits after the accident last year, we would have understood. We wouldn’t have been happy, mind, but thankfully that’s a concern we need not entertain. Tonight, Wolves saw Baroness back where they belong: on stage delivering some of the best music of the last decade. Tonight was a celebration and both band and crowd were one. Great band. Great crowd. Great gig. Welcome back Baroness. We’re waiting for the next one.

Set list:

  1. Ogeechee Hymnal
  2. Take My Bones Away
  3. March to the Sea
  4. A Horse Called Golgotha
  5. Foolsong
  6. Little Things
  7. Green Theme
  8. Swollen and Halo
  9. Board Up the House
  10. Sea Lung
  11. Cocainium
  12. The Line Between
  13. Eula
  14. The Gnashing


  1. The Sweetest Curse
  2. Jake Leg
  3. Isak

And you can see more of Sam’s shots from the show by clicking here or by clicking play below: