Bai Bang – All Around The World


Review by Robert Baker

Occasionally we reviewers at Midlands Rocks towers grow weary of languorously debauching ourselves upon unicorn-down stuffed bean bag chairs, wave away the houseboy from his munitions with the palm tree leaf fanning gently about our corpulence, and deign to cast a weary eye from our ivory carved pedestals of self-righteous insight and selflessly donate a portion of our brilliance to the dissecting of a musicians digital outpourings.

At times we find ourselves in a forgiving mood, deeming worthy an album or two with which to spend your precious time and money on as we extoll the virtues of the chosen artists we consider to have created an aural repast of a recording others of a similar bent fall somewhat short of.

Bai Bang - All Around The WorldEven more occasionally we see fit to climb down from our ivory tower dwellings and walk amongst ‘the little people’, our presence announced by the gasps of awe and stupefied belief from those fortunate enough to have found themselves basking the shadows our greatness bestows upon them. Tongues are set to wagging as ears strain to catch our wise and sage counsel, the anticipation almost palpable as the air drips heavy with a mix of our Musical Mass being ministered to the fawning many as the uneducated slowly begin their learning at our feet.

A weary eye gets cast around and about and sometimes an ear with it, for mighty are our powers of perception and body parts, X-Men like in being able to send them through the crowds of dross and dirge to locate the chords and choruses our greatness determines as being equal to whatever arbitrary level of feel good factor on the old Happy Gland our own favoured musical styling’s favour.

Oft-times there will be those for whom the message is ignored, our Donnie Darko-esque warnings of dark times ahead should they continue down the path of the unenlightened in their purchasing of music unheeded as they squander their hard earned on digital disappointment.

Influence of others may blind some to our cautioning, the desire to become homogenised into a ‘scene’ or group of peoples they wish to aspire to become a part of enough for them to throw caution to the wind and good money at the till-jockey as they clamour to assert their independence by blindly following whatever their peers say or do.

And it is round about now you may be feeling this review is rather heavy on loquaciousness and somewhat light on musical descriptive, an obviously crass case of style over substance. But therein lies the grain of truth anyone seeking understanding of whether Bai Bang and their album All Around The World justifies purchase. Bearing ten tracks filled with a check-list of arena-tailored lyrics and obligatory guitar squeals there’s nothing particularly bad about the release; there’s just nothing particularly note-worthy, either.

Songs such as ‘Crazy’ and ‘Gonna Make It’ are classes in clichés rather than classics to consume, no amount of reverb on the vocals helping a single one stand out from the rest.

Bland and somewhat derivative, Bai Bang are the sort of band you get into when you first approach the world of music outside your Dora the Explorer Plays Nursery Time Songs. ‘Rock’ enough sounding without being overly challenging or crude, but with plenty of guy liner and man-flesh on show to make you feel daring and grown-up in the queue for the till.

4 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Everybody Everywhere
  2. Gonna Make It
  3. Crazy
  4. Bai Bang
  5. How About Now
  6. Raise Your Hands
  7. Summertime
  8. Now You’re Gone
  9. All Around The World
  10. Get It On