Babylon Fire – Dark Horizons


Review by Tony Gaskin

Came across this Manchester based band towards the back end of last year and I wasn’t suprised to hear that Rocksector Records had snapped them up. This alone would’ve piqued my interest purely down to the fact the this independent label has a knack for spotting top talent.┬áSo have the talent spotters come up trumps again?

The album kicks off with the fast, brutal metal anthem “The Clarion Call” and although a good track it didn’t immiediately make me sit up and take notice, that was saved for the next track, “Darkness Draws Me In”. Aptly named, it certainly did draw me in and the full extent of this bands talents start to be revealed.

“Blood In Blood Out” keeps up the furious pace, and along with the previous track the outstanding picks on this debut release. That’s not to say we’ve peaked early, there are another 8 great tracks on this album, (I don’t count track 7 as one, a purely interval filler for me) and closes out with the epic “I Still Remember”

Not one for attaching labels to a band, you can honestly say Babylon Fire is simply – Metal. There are snippets dotted throughout showing their varied backgrounds and personal influences, there are classic rock riffs, pounding metal drum sequences, and great rock vocals from Mark D, but the overall result is a modern metal take on the classic British Heavy Metal sound.

The spotters did well then, a solid debut release from a promising British band and they can look forward to a strong 2013. Dark Horizons is out now on Rocksector Records

8 out of 10

babylon fireTrack Listing:

  1. The Clarion Call
  2. Darkness Draws Me In
  3. Blood In Blood Out
  4. Stripped Away
  5. Demonocracy
  6. Shattered Crown
  7. Gates To Oblivion
  8. Wrath Of The Fallen
  9. Cycle of Addiction
  10. Within The Mouth Of Madness
  11. Rise Through Babylon
  12. I Still Remember