Ayron Jones releases new song ‘The Title’


Ayron Jones is coming for the crown with the release of his explosive new track, ‘The Title. Out ahead of his highly anticipated second album, Chronicles of The Kid (June 23rd via Big Machine / John Varvatos Records), Jones isn’t shying away from the fight for greatness. The Seattle native’s signature raw vocals and emotive, virtuosic guitar licks are on full display.

Co-produced by Scott Stevens (ShinedownHalestorm) and Marti Frederiksen (Ozzy OsbourneAerosmith), ‘The Title’ is an anthem for all of us that rage on through the darkness to reach the light at the top, odds be damned.

“For a lot of people, the world is a dark place. It feels like a dark room with no windows, no doors, and no way out,” Jones explains. “When we’re faced with uncertainty, our instincts tell us to either take flight or stay and fight. ‘The Title’ is dedicated to those of us who choose to fight. It’s about this seemingly foolish idea of holding on to a sliver of hope that drives our obsession to be great, even when faced with fear of defeat. It’s about winning because you don’t know how to fail.”

Listen to ‘The Title’:

Ayron Jones recently toured the UK with platinum-selling rock band Daughtry and will be continuing this run through the US this summer. Ayron will return to the UK to perform 2000trees Festival on July 5th. For more full tour dates visit ayronjonesmusic.com