Axis-Mundi – Sci-Curious


Review by Brady Deeprose

Sci-Curious is a brilliant idea. Midlands-based nutters Axis-Mundi set out to create a trance/metal/bonkers concept album combining System Of A Down, The Prodigy and Brian Cox and that’s what they’ve done. Whether it’s the blunt attack of ‘E-Bomb’ or the head-nodding groove of ‘Only Genes Can Judge Me’, the album certainly grabs the listener’s attention and rarely loosens its grip.

The anti-theistic niche has been pretty well covered over the years but chief lyricist Gary Frewin has taken a slightly more modern approach than the standard, ‘Hail Satan!’ ‘Not every Christian is a priest and I’m not a physicist, what matters is that I’m amazed.’ So reads the tagline from the inside cover. The lyrics cover the praise of science and technology over all else, covering subjects as far reaching as space, GM Foods and some pretty heavy science. For those that are relatively inexperienced biochemists, some of the terminology is hard to get to grips with but the heavier sections give the casual listener something to latch onto.

That said, this probably isn’t an album for the casual listener, as it’s pretty diverse. I’d be lying if I said this is something I’d choose to listen to on a regular basis, but that would be the musical style. An eclectic mix of synths and a rock band with a Malakian-esque vocal approach doesn’t really split my atom but when combined with the lyrics and a generally high quality of song-writing, it makes for an interesting listening experience. For any lover of music (or science), Sci-Curious is a worthy investment, if only to better your understanding of the universe, and some of the odd musicians that occupy it.

Axis Mundi - Sci-Curious6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Introduction
  2. E-Bomb
  3. Movie In The Mind
  4. Science Junkie
  5. Shut Down The Rave
  6. The Astounding Fact
  7. What Do You Get?
  8. Little Stories Of Discovery
  9. Only Genes Can Judge Me
  10. The Gospel According To Science
  11. New Scientist