Aura Noir – Out To Die


Review by Jason Guest

Thrash in pace and power and black in venomous bite and bile, Aura Noir are a vicious bunch. Channelling the likes of Motorhead, Venom, Sodom, Kreator, et al, for their fifth full length, the optimistically titled Out to Die, Aura Noir have distilled the darkness into eight savage tracks of unrelenting fury.  The production is raw and clear without sounding polished and positions their masterful musicianship at the fore of the recording and what can be heard is outstanding. The drums hit hard; the guitars have heavy, robust sound and the lead work slices through; on 2008’s Hades Rise, the bass was a little muddy but here it’s angry and the instrument’s presence rounds out the low-end nicely (or at least as nice as black thrash can get); and Aggressor’s and Apollyon’s reverb- and delay-drenched vocals sit atop the rabid instrumentation, the full force of the tracks thrust down the listener’s throat. ‘Fed To The Flames’, ‘Abaddon’ (no prizes for guessing the inspiration behind this track), ‘Deathwish’ and the title track are ruthless offensives, evil, blasphemous salvos that are as malevolent lyrically as they are musically. With Aura Noir’s penchant for all things savage at the fore of the band’s sound, Out To Die may not be completely original, challenging or ground-breaking, but it is utterly ferocious. If blasphemous black thrash is your thing, this is well worth blasting out on a Sunday morning at ear-bleeding volumes. If not, blast it out anyway. Recommended.

7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Trenches
  2. Fed To The Flames
  3. Abbadon
  4. The Grin From The Gallows
  5. Withheld
  6. Priest’s Hellish Fiend
  7. Deathwish
  8. Out To Die

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