Attic – The Invocation


Review by Tosh Davies

“This is right up your street, I’ll send it to you for review.” This is a reviews editor who knows his writers. He was spot on, so I sat down, headphones on and sold the remains of my soul to Satan.

They say the best form of flattery is imitation; if this is the case then King Diamond must be cracking his face paint smiling. With its dark church organ intro of ‘The Hidden Grave’ it sets the scene perfectly for what is about to encompass and engulf you with a dark cloak of horror. ‘Funeral In The Woods’, ‘Join The Coven’ and ‘Ghost Of The Orphanage’ are horror metal masterpieces, the best songs Merciful Fate never wrote. Attic, who hail from Germany, shamelessly worship at the altar of 80’s inspired Metal, which I must admit is becoming a popular thing at the moment. With the testicle-shredding vocals of Meister Cagliostro who could shatter a stained glass window from fifty paces it may not be to everyone’s taste. The Invocation is thankfully not an overproduced affair and is in keeping to the style of music on offer which will please the Dark Lord no end.

With its ritualistic nod to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, Attic takes it one step further and adds an element of haunting, atmospheric eeriness to its sermons. Galloping guitars and some frantic drumming really takes me back to my early days of vinyl worship. While not particularly original, for some reason I don’t care. Attic pushes all my buttons and fulfills the needs of this particular Heavy Metal worshiper. If you’re hankering the next King Diamond album then look no further and summon the courage to venture into the Attic. Now excuse me while I tidy the crypt for the return of my master who’s been busy reaping lost Metal souls…

Attic - Invocation8.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. The Hidden Grave
  2. Funeral in the Woods
  3. Join the Coven
  4. Edlyn
  5. Ghost of the Orphanage
  6. In the Chapel
  7. The Invocation
  8. The Headless Horseman
  9. Satan’s Bride
  10. Evil Inheritance