Attic + Caronte + Live Burial @ Newcastle Upon Tyne, Head Of Steam – Monday 4th May 2015


Review by Dan Alderson

There’s a brimming scene in Newcastle at the moment and May Day bank holiday saw the return of Attic, who made their UK debut here around a year ago. The lure of Attic on a bank holiday saw the venue fill up to a good capacity. A short delay in the proceedings actually benefit the show, as it allows the majority of the late comers to catch all of the opening act’s set.

Local act Live Burial kicked things off brilliantly with a tight and energetic set of classic death metal in the vein of Autopsy and Obituary, the band even showed hints of melodic heavy metal influence in some of the new material, which provided a nice teaser of what was to come with the headline band. Live Burial wasted no time; they moved through their set at a rapid pace and even got the crowd moving and livened up. Each member was on form and nothing was lost amidst a heavy wall of sound.

11062346_803580126394434_703014684856815350_nAny momentum Live Burial built up for the show was almost completely ruined by the next band. Caronte from Italy were up next, who’s uninspired stoner doom found me wanting, as with the majority of the crowd, who trickle in and out the room during a prolonged set. The band didn’t necessarily play badly, but I couldn’t help think they were pretty much playing the wrong gig.

Attic came out the woodwork instantly, delivering a barrage of falsetto, riffs and guitar harmonies, making up for the Caronte’s shortcomings within 30 seconds of their set. The lights are dimmed even further for the headliners and their stage set up, made of skulls and lit candles, heightened the already excellent atmosphere even further. The crowd pull forward and immediately start giving  their best falsetto attempts along to Attic. The set was an incredible display of good old fashioned heavy metal. Anyone familiar with the band will know Attic to be heavily inspired by King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. Attic were excellent and perfectly captured the spirit of the acts they worship, ending on a Pentagram cover was a nice touch as well.  Attic held the audience’s attention for their entire hour long set and the majority of the crowd never stopped throughout. The venue was nice enough to extend the curfew until Attic’s set was finished and the night ended only in positive vibes, despite some drama surrounding an accident in the venue and a severe disagreement over Star Wars trivia from the quiz upstairs. The gig was what the underground metal scene should be about and spirits ended on a high after a brilliant set from Attic.  Overall a superb night for Newcastle’s underground scene, which continues to build itself as the city to beat outside of London for proper metal gigs.