Attention Thieves – Look A Little Closer


Review by Kimberley Easton

I first witnessed these boys from Reading, on Scuzz TV a while back and tried to find out more about them, without much luck. Then I got the chance to review their debut EP, and once again, I was scouring the internet for more information, this time round though, it proved better results.

The EP may only have four tracks and it leaves you wanting more, but those four songs are brilliant and I for one can’t wait for the release of the first album, which they are in the process of writing while touring the country with Acoda.

The first track, ‘You’ll Be The First One’ is a great opener and just shows what you can expect. With melodic riffs, catchy lyrics and a varying vocal range from vocalist, Alex, this EP is shaping up to be promising, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Next up, ‘Bring Yourself To Justice’ starts off slow and slowly builds up with the vocals getting harsher till Alex screams/shouts, ‘So pull yourself out of this mess’, this song shows the diverse range of vocal talent and just how talented he is. The song as a whole is extremely catchy and you find yourself singing along, even after the first listen.

‘Can’t Say’ begins with a fast paced riff, and is another that you involuntarily find yourself singing along to during the chorus. As well as the vocal and instrumental talents, this track showcases the songwriting talent and for me, is the best track on the EP. The rawness in the playing and the passion in the vocals are just pure brilliant.

The last song, ‘We Won’t Live Forever’, starts off sounding like a slow paced song, full of emotion. That is till the screaming starts, still filled with emotion, but this time more raw and it works brilliantly. After listening to all the tracks, I’m quite sad that there are no more to listen to as each song built me up for the next, and the last song did not disappoint. Oh well, back to track one again!

Another great production from John Mitchell (You Me At Six, Enter Shikari). All the songs are finished off superbly and are super infectious, once you start listening, you can’t stop. It is a shame that there are only four songs, but with the album in process, hopefully it isn’t too long to wait till we can hear some new material.

Rated 9 out of 10

Track Listing;

  1. You’ll Be The First One
  2. Bring Yourself To Justice
  3. Can’t Say
  4. We Won’t Live Forever