Armchair Committee – Imola EP


Review by Paul Broome

Rusted Bear Music

Not sure what they’ve been putting in the water in Bristol, but it’s rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the rock capitals of the UK, and here’s a debut EP from another band set to enhance the City’s roster.

Opening track ‘Boxcutter’ is a quite a bold little number, initially it wrong-footed me with its 90s rawk intro (which could almost have been culled from an album by A, or a similar band of that post-grunge nu-rock ilk) but once the bouncy bass-line and urgent guitars kicked in I was won over. There’s a lot to take in here – tempo and mood changes abound – perhaps if anything it’s too ambitious. ‘Codeine’ promises a lot as a track, but the chorus really lets it down.  I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t do it for me. The final pairing of ‘To Arms’ and ‘Imola’ meanwhile a nothing short of sensational. The former setting the stage, and the latter leaving said stage in flaming tatters. I am a sucker for rock music that wears its emotion on its sleeve (and isn’t afraid of a bit of reverb) and this is so far up my street it’s parked in my garage. The vocals do stray into Cobain territory a bit too often for my liking, but I’m willing to overlook that due to the sheer wealth of ideas and confidence on display here.

Armchair Committee – Imola EP

Another band added to my expanding ‘Ones To Watch’ list. Could potentially be the South West’s answer to The Virginmarys…

7 out of 10


  1. Boxcutter
  2. Codeine
  3. To Arms
  4. Imola