Arceye – At First Light


Review by Chop
Hostile Media

Fans of the band have had quite a wait since debut The Divide Between Chaos And Order. Obvious starting questions therefore are was it worth the wait and is it more of the same?

Starting out with the title track is always a brave move but it’s a gamble that undoubtedly paid off. After the time-honoured progressively-building intro, the band deliver a well-crafted thrasher, jam packed with tempo changes and familiar proggy workouts. About half of the album follows this theme, with the truly excellent ‘Brother Disarmed’ being the pick of the bunch; a guaranteed pit-starter live, fast, aggressive, technical, and just perfectly executed. Backed up by production and mastering of impressive crispness and depth the band are clearly onto a winner…

…but there’s more to the album than a simple rehash of the debut. Instrumentals are liberally scattered, and there are a couple of slower tracks that will keep fans of …And Justice For All/Black album-era Metallica happy too. Personally, the faster material works better, although I can see plenty of fans revelling in this style of song too.

To the opening question then. This CD is certainly worth the wait and shows that the band are happy with their trademark sound, yet not afraid to leave the beaten track either. Combine this with their stunning live abilities and Arceye should find that album two serves them well. Right place, right time? Who knows? If you are not familiar with them already and like thrash, modern prog, or groove metal then these guys are well worth checking out. And if not, check them out anyway.

Arceye - At First Light8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. At First Light
  2. The Storm
  3. The Longest Drive
  4. I Silently Wait
  5. Sirius
  6. Brother Disarmed
  7. Prey Forgiveness
  8. Damage Done
  9. The Thirst
  10. Dusk