April 2014 Music Reviews


MR-Logo-Blk-on-Red-BannerY’know, it’s a hard life here at Midlands Rocks Towers. April was a busy time again for us at MR and we sifted through countless releases and reviewed a bunch of ‘em just for you… Well, that’s what the boss tells us anyway. And so, because we couldn’t have you miss out on any of them, here they all are.

Aren’t we good to you? Please say yes! The boss’s dog is looking a little underfed and it’s got a strange look in its eyes… Enjoy! (Please!)


Eviscerated Panda BookOh look! One of us read a book:

From Midlands Bands:

Only one this month, and oh dear, it looks like the new one from Derby’s LostAlone – Shapes Of Screams – didn’t please our reviewer, and his opinion annoyed a few fans too.

Just Rock for you, is it? Try these:

Steel Panther – All You Can Eat


Bad Company DVDHow about some Classic Rock? Maybe these then…


HEAT - Tearing Down The WallsIf Melodic Rock or AOR is your thing:


Klogr – Black SnowFor rock that’s a bit different:


Clare Free - ButterfliesGot the blues? No? Want ‘em?


Saxon - Live ManchesterHave some Heavy Metal Thunder:


Prong - Ruining LivesSomething a bit heavier, perhaps? This lot might be right up yours:


Neige Morte – Bicephaale

And from Satan’s cellar:


HellsHeadbangersBy record label: