Anvil – Hope In Hell


Review by Tosh Davies

The documentary film about the dwindling careers of Anvil and subsequent ‘come back’ certainly pulled on the nostalgia strings for a few old Metal fans. The renewed interest in the band has lasted for a few years now but how long they rely on nostalgia is most definitely an open question. Their latest album Hope In Hell is not that bad of an album musically; it’s no classic by any stretch of the imagination but then again, have any of their albums been classic? Lyrically however it’s plain and simply fucking god awful. I could eat nothing but alphabet spaghetti for a month and shit better lyrics than are on display here. How about this: “Eat, eat your words…Opinions are like arseholes, everybody’s got one, got one… consuming crow, don’t speak before you know”  Really? Just when I thought things may just pick up, we get “See you next Tuesday, is what I say to you, see you next Tuesday, I’m through, through with you”….

The dildo-wielding Lips has his heart in the right place but when it comes to writing songs I’m afraid the heart is in full cardiac arrest. Yes, we have pretty fine riffs that’ll get you headbanging on a Friday night post gig but it’s no saving grace. Everything sounds hurried and frantic but pretty basic, as a listening experience it’s as cringe worthy as a Carry On film. The proverbial turd has been polished to a matt finish, even with the addition of glitter, comedy wobbly eyes and a smiley face it still cannot be saved. I really admire their tenacity but at which point do you stop liking the loveable ‘almosts’ and realise that there was a reason they never really made it. The metal heart is there but sadly it’s surrounded by a crap plastic body that should have been upgraded years ago.

Anvil - Hope in Hell5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Hope In Hell
  2. Eat Your Words
  3. Through With You
  4. The Fight Is Never Won
  5. Pay The Toll
  6. Flying
  7. Call Of Duty
  8. Badass Rock N Roll
  9. Time Shows No Mercy
  10. Mankind Machine
  11. Shut The Fuck Up

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Hard Wired
  2. Fire At Will



  1. You make some very worthwhile points Brother Tosh, especially the one about why they never really made it in the first place. They are and always have been a basic metal band.

  2. Good to read an honest opinion which has obviously got beyond the “But these are really nice blokes so we shouldn’t be too hard on them.” shtick.
    I enjoyed the “13” album, as it went well with the film and had some good basic metal, quite well played, on there, but as you say, lyrically – “Thumb-hang” WTF !!! Well done Tosh.

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