Andy Rock – Into The Night


Review by Woody

Into The Nightis the solo debut album from Greek guitarist Andy Rock, whom many will know from Wild Rose. Andy takes on most of the instruments here including singing, except for drums which are provided by Giannis Papavasiliou. Andy also composes all the music and writes most the lyrics.

If I had been handed this album and told it was the second album from Wild Rose I would have believed them. So if you’re an established fan of the aforementioned band you’ll know exactly what to expect and trust me you’ll love it. Andy unashamedly writes in a very eighties American AOR style, filled with full frontal keyboards, wall to wall melodies and anthemic choruses.

As a musician Andy seems truly multi talented and it seems a little odd given that his vocals suit this style of music perfectly that he doesn’t front Wild Rose. I’m presuming concentrating solely on lead guitar makes live performances a lot easier, so maybe that’s why he takes a backseat vocally, it easy to hear he’d be a true asset as a backing vocalist.

This is an album inspired by the sound of the AOR genre’s heyday, but it doesn’t feel dated in the slightest. It’s just a classy collection of summertime pure AOR, performed with passion and affection. I like the way Andy blends the guitar and keyboard sounds to give the songs maximum impact and it puts me in mind of a British band called Outside Edge.

‘Love Is Not A Game’ has a driving riff which is combined with an infectious keyboard lick, which underpins this great opening track. It’s a smooth rocker with a chorus that captures you from the first spin. There’s some great guitar work and the fluttering keyboards gives the song real impact. The keyboards on ‘It’s Not Over’ are immense have your air keytar at the ready. ‘U Belong To Me’ has some excellent synths and it’s a song that builds nicely to a huge chorus.

Atmospheric ballad ‘Lonely Heart’ will definitely hit the spot with west coast AOR fans. ‘Cryin Every Night (In The Rain)’ was one of the tracks that really captured me on the first spin and demanded repeat plays. It’s a driving tune with a sing along at 2am chorus. ‘I Wanna Be With You’ is a laid back ballad with a gripping guitar rhythm and a smooth memorable chorus.

‘Waiting For Your Love’ is a synth laden mid-tempo rocker. ‘Without You’ is really catchy with its delicious melody. There’s gripping guitar and keyboard licks that make this track extremely radio friendly.  Instrumental ‘Emotions’ is very atmospheric and laid back and leads into the dance floor filling finale of the album.

‘Out In The Streets’ is an energetic and infectious rocker with a full-on anthemic melodic rock chorus with driving keys and is sure to please. ‘Into The Night’ is another anthemic rocker with dance floor written all over it. It contains a top notch sing along chorus and a fantastic guitar riff.

If you’re on the hunt for some pure unadulterated AOR look no further than Into The Night. It’s full of infectious and catchy melodies; it’s a perfect summertime album which places heavy emphasis on smooth melodies in every aspect. Die hard AOR’sters are going to love the delicious keyboard work on this album. Enjoy!

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Love Is Not A Game
  2. It’s Not Over
  3. U Belong To Me
  4. Lonely Heart
  5. Cryin Every Night (In The Rain)
  6. I Wanna Be With You
  7. Waiting For Your Love
  8. Without You
  9. Emotions
  10. Out On The Streets
  11. Into The Night