Alunah – White Hoarhound


Review by Tony Gaskin

Forged in the heart of the Midlands, White Hoarhound is a riff-laden trip through a doom landscape that resonates through the ages back to the birth of metal and the dark entry of heavy metal that exploded on the scene courtesy of the granddaddies of all metal Black Sabbath. 

This album is the follow up to the bands début Call of Avernus and the first on their new label psycheDOOMelic and sees a huge step in quality and production. Fast becoming one of the most sought after live acts on the doom/stoner/desert rock scene, Alunah have managed to capture that raw energy on this album that has won them so many plaudits. 

The album itself kicks off with ‘Demeter’s Grief’ and the Sabbath legacy is immediately apparent, but then the vocals kick in and it’s obvious this is no mere clone of the Brummie legends. The juxtaposition of heavy doom riffs and the delicate, haunting vocals of Soph Day are what makes this band stand out from others in this genre. 

The teeth rattling riffs continue with the title track ‘White Hoarhound’, probably the most accessible and commercial track on the album and a good starting point for new comers. The epic ‘Belial’s Fjord’ on the other hand is eight minutes of doom heaven which will appeal to the die hard aficionados. 

The versatility of this band is shown on the final two tracks, ‘Oak Ritual I’, a beautifully crafted acoustic based song followed by ‘Oak Ritual II’, a ten minute opus that encompasses all that this band is about. 

For the psychedelic doom fraternity, this is a little gem and for those looking to discover new sounds, it may seem heavy going at first, but I urge you to stick with it and you will be won over by those dirty sludgy riffs that are kept under control by the mesmeric vocals. 

8 out of 10 

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  1. [intro]
  2. Demeter’s Grief
  3. White Hoarhound
  4. Belial’s Fjord
  5. The Offering
  6. Chester Midsummer Watch Parade
  7. Oak Ritual I
  8. Oak Ritual II
  9. [outro] 

The album is out now on psycheDOOMelic Records